Trending Colors for 2019

Not sure which gray to go with? Are warmer, softer hues stylish? Discover the most popular colors for 2019 with these trending palettes from the experts.

Color trends often provide culturally significant cues about the market and help to distinguish shifts in overall preferences that determine product choices from cars to kitsch for both companies and individuals.

What’s going on in 2019? Watch for subtle shifts in color compared to what’s been popular the last few years. Bubbly pink has seen its day, with trends moving to a dustier, more subtle rose, and lilac may still be popular in some circles but is transitioning to cooler and lighter tints with more hints of blue.

Neutral colors are creeping into either cooler or warmer versions of past hues that contrast with the stark neutrality of before, with a preference for warmer neutrals for large spaces.

Designer house with neutral colors

Colors are looking more natural and sophisticated in general, and less bold and bright overall — but take note of rich hues in these changing landscapes, with darker oranges like clay and moody but vivid blue-greens deserving notice in the sea of lighter neutrals. Here are some of the top color palettes and choices trending so far for 2019.

1. Pantone

Pantone has long reigned as the key influencer for color application in areas of interior design, graphic design, and more. The Pantone Color of the Year for 2019 is Living Coral, a bright and energetic warm peach-pink that inspires new color palettes all around.

  1. Living Coral (16-1546)
  2. Storm Gray (15-4003)
  3. Twill (16-1108)
  4. Mauvewood (17-1522)
  5. Golden Lime (16-0543)
  6. Martini Olive (18-0625)
  7. Beluga (19-0405)
  8. Forest Biome (19-5230)

The coordinating colors selected for Living Coral range from a deeper variety of cool mauve with Mauvewood to warmer forms of khaki with Martini Olive and Twill. Storm Gray is just off neutral with cool undertones, while Forest Biome and Beluga bring some weight to the palette with deep green and brown. Golden Lime and Living Coral make the palette lively and fun.

Secondary palettes include monochromatic and bright options with names like Shimmering Sunset, Sympatico, Trippy, and Under the Sea — all with more bold options than soft neutrals and muted shades that dominate the trends for 2019.

2. Benjamin Moore

Picks from the trending colors for 2019 at Benjamin Moore are decidedly neutral and sophisticated. Benjamin Moore’s color of the year is a well-balanced and slightly cool gray — an excellent choice for many interiors. This gray has hints of blue-green with enough lightness to work well in many applications, especially living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

Photo credit: Benjamin Moore

  1. Metropolitan (AF-690)
  2. Pashmina (AF-100)
  3. Kendall Charcoal (HC-166)
  4. Kona (AF-165)
  5. Hunter Green (2041-10)
  6. Hale Navy (HC-154)
  7. Putnam Ivory (HC-3)
  8. Head Over Heels (AF-250)

With more than half of the annual collection from Benjamin Moore sporting lighter tones, openness and harmony are obvious goals. Decorator’s White is perfect in a gloss finish to brighten up trim.

To anchor rooms, utilize colors like Black Pepper, Kendall Charcoal, and Kona for furniture and cabinets. Hunter Green, Hale Navy, and Beau Green are perfect either for bold, all over color choices on walls or for unifying mismatched furniture and decor.

3. Sherwin Williams

The color of the year from Sherwin Williams is a nice complementary color to Pantone’s Living Coral: the rich and light Reflecting Pool hue, which is a subdued but still punchy blue green that is wholly reminiscent of a calm, natural body of water.

Photo credit: Sherwin Williams

  1. Grizzle Gray (SW7068 / HGSW1482)
  2. Pure White (SW7005 / HGSW4006)
  3. Quaint Peche (SW6330 / HGSW2077)
  4. Interesting Aqua (SW6220 / HGSW3305)
  5. Filmy Green (SW6190 / HGSW3257)
  6. Borscht (SW7578)
  7. Dark Night (SW6237 / HGSW3331)
  8. Believable Buff (SW6120 / HGSW2187)

Instead of one suggested 2019 palette as Benjamin Moore offers, Sherwin Williams plays with three collections. Though the Sophisticated Whimsy and Mystic Light are fun and more daring, the Everyday Balance color palette is leaning more on trend with 2019 choices for interiors. Warmer grays and blues, muted pinks and greens, and submissive darker hue make up the Everyday Balance collection.

4. PPG Paints

PPG Paints goes a step further with a deep, opulent green entitled Night Watch for their Color of the Year. Resonating with other trending colors in its inspiration from nature, Night Watch is both soothing and energizing.

PPG Paints has selected four color palettes with their trending colors. While many are ditching lilac in favor of a less saturated blue-purple tint, PPG embraces it in the With Spirit palette.

Photo credit: PPG Paints

Photo credit: PPG Paints

  1. Night Watch (PPG1145-7)
  2. Deep Emerald (PPG1148-7)
  3. Carob Chip (PPG1047-7)
  4. Chilled Wine (PPG1045-7)
  5. Magnolia Blossom (PPG1090-1)
  6. Bronze Eucalyptus (PPG16-20)
  7. Desert Camel (PPG12-16)
  8. Black Forest (PPG1012-7)

With Spirit keeps the pink of past years via the dustier Ashes of Roses color and keeps the neutrals light with Solstice and Moondance, while Fire Weed, Blackheath, and Obsidian bring depth and richness to the palette.

With Out and With In bring boldness back with the warm green of Globe Artichoke and the bright warm pink of Cherry Brandy; these are the more daring of the trendy colors showing up in 2019 from PPG.

The With Class palette combines the daring but rich colors with a few lighter neutrals; choose these warm, light neutrals for the majority of areas to create an open look.


Another choice in the warm blue category is Blueprint from BEHR. Described on their website as “warmer than denim and softer than navy,” Blueprint is another hue that contrasts with the Pantone color of the year.

The BEHR trend palettes focus on soft, simple, and classic colors that truly complement each other and the popular eco-nuanced aesthetic of 2019. Blueprint is perfect with the warm gray of Elephant Skin, muted Mars Red, and moody Kindling.

  1. Blueprint (S470-5)
  2. Mars Red (PPU2-11)
  3. Cotton Grey (HDC-NT-20)
  4. Standing Ovation (N570-2)
  5. Amber Autumn (S290-5)
  6. Sand Dance (S190-2)
  7. Elephant Skin (PPU18-16)
  8. Kindling (N200-6)

Lighter pastels in Cotton Grey, Standing Ovation — a simpler cousin to last year’s Lilac — and Sand Dance. Darker shades of green and blue are, like many other color trends for this year, present in the BEHR palettes, with Antigua, Dark Navy, and Vine Leaf rounding out the collection.

BEHR’s palettes focus more on midtones and less on light neutrals for 2019. The Earth Tones and Pastels palette are by far the trendiest, pushing muted pastels that echo previously trendy colors but with a more refined take on the hues.

So what’s the takeaway? If your current color scheme is looking a little dated, try some of the combos above! With an array of new neutrals and classy bolds available, you can’t go wrong with the colors trending in 2019.