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Authorized Federal Supply Schedule Price List

Nienkamper Furniture & Accessories Inc.
257 Finchdene Square
Toronto, Ontario
Canada, M1X 1B9
Phone: 800-668-9318 (Toll Free)
Phone: 416-298-5700
Fax: 416-298-9535
Website: or

Business Size: Other than Small Business

Contract Administrator:
Sherry Lee
Phone: 800-668-9318 ext 238
Fax: 416-298-9535
Email: or

GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) 071 Contract
Contract Number: GS27F034DA
Contract Period: September 22, 2016 to September 21, 2021

1. Special Item Numbers (SIN):
711-2 Worksurfaces, Workstations, Computer Furniture and Accessories
71-206 Upholstered Seating
711-16 Upholstered Seating
711-11 Tables and Accessories
711-19 Stacking Chairs and Dollies or Trucks Designed to Support Stacking Chairs
711-18 Multipurpose Seating
711-3 Filing and Storage Cabinets, Shelves, Mobile Cars, Dollies, Racks & Access
711-8 Executive Office Furniture
711-9 Executive Conference Room Furniture, Coordinated Tables, Case Pieces & Accessories
71-205 Chairs – Dining Room, Desk, Side, Period Style and Bar Stools
711-15 Acoustical Wall Treatments

2. Minimum Order: $100.00

3. Maximum Order: $300,000.00

4. Geographical Coverage: The 50 (except for SIN# 711-11 and 711-18 is 48) contiguous United States and the District of Columbia.

5. Freight: FOB Destinations. Outside the 48 or 50 contiguous states are made F.O.B. inland carrier, point of exportation, with transportation to be paid by the
Government from point of exportation to the destination outside the 48 or 50 contiguous states.

6. Point of Production:
• Canada
• Denmark
• Sweden
• Italy
• Australia
• New Zealand

7. Warranty: 5 years Limited Warranty.

8. Prompt Payment Terms: Net 30 Days.

9. Government Credit Card: Accepted. Written confirmation and authorized signatures are required.

10. Time of Delivery: 8-10 weeks after receipt of order.

11. Cancellation: No cost prior to production. After production has begun, only actual cost incurred will be billed to the Government that cannot be recovered through resale in 6 months.

12. Return Policy/Restocking Policy: Please contact Nienkamper Furniture & Accessories Inc.

13. Ordering Address:
Nienkamper Furniture & Accessories Inc.
257 Finchdene Square
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M1X 1B9

14. Payment Address:
Nienkamper Furniture & Accessories Inc.
257 Finchdene Square
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M1X 1B9

15. Export Packing Charges: Contact Nienkamper Furniture & Accessories Inc. for a written quotation.

16. Terms and conditions of rental, maintenance and repair: Not Applicable.

17. Terms and conditions of installation: Not Applicable.

18. Repair Parts: Please contact Nienkamper Furniture & Accessories Inc.

19. Terms and conditions of other services: Not Applicable.

20. List of Service and Distribution Points: Not Applicable.

21. Participating Dealers: Not Applicable.

22. Preventive Maintenance: Not Applicable.

23. Federal Identification Numbers:
Duns Number: 249268293
Cage Code: L1493