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Unika Vaev’s Fabric Product Introductions at NeoCon World’s Trade Fair 2016


CHICAGO, IL June, 2016 – Unika Vaev will introduce the Revue Collection at the NeoCon World’s Trade Fair 2016


Unika Vaev introduces REVUE, a collection that showcases three traditional Jacquard weaving techniques. The exploration of flat woven, loop pile and cut pile constructions have resulted in a collection that embraces the past and reinterprets it for the modern day. Strong geometry, stripes and lush velvet texture give this collection a unique versatility to create schemes ranging from subdued ambiance to full color saturation.

Atelier is named after the traditional decorative arts workshops or private studios and complements this sumptuous, theatrical range of 41 colors. With its three-dimensional fluidity, velvet has been the richest of all textiles since historic times. Forgotten in the 1960’s in favor of more economical synthetics, velvets are back in the spotlight of fashion and contemporary interiors. Once revered as a sign of prosperity and used only in the regal or upmarket domestic domain, it now sits as the hero in workplace and hospitality settings worldwide. 100% polyester yarns form the luxurious face and create the soft handle of Atelier. Bound tightly with a ground warp, the loops are then cut to achieve the resultant pile, bringing the product to life. Light reflection and tones change with movement and upholstery detail to create a dynamic and luxurious finished product.

Guild, meaning an association of artisans and merchants, captures the magnificent essence of intricate Jacquard weaving with a double beam uncut loop pile construction. Its sculptural quality provides body and stability as well as creating a highly durable textile with a striking striped aesthetic. Each of the five color-ways has been designed using a palette of 12 handpicked yarn colors, with considerable consideration given to the hue, saturation and balance in relation to each other. While fitting into the five defined color groupings, each one also contains neutral highlights enabling them to form the keystone to a broad range of color schemes.

Vanguard, meaning a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas, is the most graphic of the trio. Celebrating the strength and simplicity achievable with the interlacing of yarns in a two color flat woven Jacquard construction. The humble drawn line is one of the basic elements of design. Celebrated here in a dynamic geometric way, Vanguard plays with the relationship of presence and absence in the form of positive and negative space. The simplicity of a line as a stark outline or profile of an edge reflects the rationale behind this design.

These designs can be viewed in the ICF Group’s Showroom on the 3rd floor, showroom 365, at the NeoCon Show!

Unika Vaev

Each of the three companies Unika Vaev, ICF and Nienkämper that now comprise the ICF Group is founded on classic and contemporary designs. Our products are built using the highest standards of manufacturing, designed for durability and ease of use, and whenever possible our products and processes respect the environment.