Fraster Felt Seat Pads

A lot of chairs in this world are made without cushions, disrupting the harmony between aesthetic enjoyment and comfort. Fraster Felt Seat Pads restore the harmony. The Fraster Felt Seat Pads are developed with respect for every single chair and match the chair’s design. The felt is comfortable to sit on and has an underlay of slip-free latex, which keeps it securely fixed. Stitching comes on the edges of all seat pads and the colors of the stitching can be chosen based off of the Fraster Felt colors used. Fraster Felt Seat Pads are available in 31 colors of 5mm felt, and three designs which can be combined with countless seating options, matching chairs and their surroundings. Wool felt is a unique material. Natural, warm, authentic, cut-resistant and color-fast. Created to give any room personality. Soul. Character. Let your creativity loose and play with shapes and colors.

In addition to the many chairs that we create seat pads for, you may create your own custom seat pad to fit any type of chair that we do not list.

Acoustic Accessory
Oeko-Tex Certified, Prop 65 Compliant, HHI Compliant
100% Wool Felt
NRC Rating
Approximately 1.9 square feet per pad
Sold In
1 each
Inquire with Unika Vaev Customer Service
Additional Information

For an overview of chairs the seat pads are available for please see Felt Seats Overview on the right hand side of this screen. If your chair is not on this list we can have a seat pad custom designed specifically for it. For more details please inquire with Unika Vaev customer service.

For spot cleaning, dab the area with a clean cloth. Then spray the affected area with lukewarm water, possibly with a mild soap added. Finally, dab again with a clean cloth. Repeat the procedure if necessary. It is important that you dab the stain instead of rubbing the moist felt, since this may lead to an unfortunate result.

For stubborn stains, we recommend a dry cleaning agent or a professional dry cleaning services.

Green Star + LEED

100% biodegradable and contains no formaldehyde.
100% VOC free, no chemical irritants, free of harmful substances.
Oeko-Tex©. Contributes to LEED© MR Credit 6: Rapidly Renewable Materials – One year harvest cycle.

To order samples, hover over the colorways and click the cart symbol to add to your cart, then click on My Samples at the top
To order samples, click the cart symbol to add to your cart, then click on My Samples at the top