Kula Glass

Kula Glass is part of the Kula by Bryndis collection, a range of acoustic products of basic forms and timeless designs.

Glass is widely adopted in partitioning spaces to create a more cooperative working environment. However, glass is a highly sound-reflective material and therefore, has no sound-absorbing functionality, resulting in potential sound reverberation issues.

Kula Glass is an acoustic solution of great properties. Easy to install, eco-friendly and natural, Kula Glass provides both sound-absorbing and sound-diffusing functionality, increasing the overall sense of well-being and work productivity. Available in a wide range of sizes, Kula Glass presents clients with a simple, elegant sound-absorbing solution that does not impede the intent of the glass partitions.

*Tiles are not sampled. Colors may be selected from felt swatches.

Bryndís Bolladóttir
Glass or Mirror
100% Icelandic Wool
NRC Rating
See Specification Page for Sizes
Sold In
1 Each
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Additional Information

– Application is simple! Just screw the supplied suction cup into the back of Kula and apply to desired surface. To remove just spin the Kula until suction is released.
– For best results cover 35% of the wall being used and form groups. Maximum space between pieces should not exceed one foot.
– To clean Kula you should beat it like you would a rug, or roll it with a tape roll to remove loose particles from the surface of Kula.

CAD Files
Please contact Unika Vaev customer service for CAD Files
To order samples, hover over the colorways and click the cart symbol to add to your cart, then click on My Samples at the top
To order samples, click the cart symbol to add to your cart, then click on My Samples at the top