Prices Prices are NET, ex-factory Unika Vaev’s warehouse Dallas, Texas and include standard packing. Unless specified in writing by Unika Vaev, no other charges are included in its prices. Unika Vaev reserves the right to change prices without notice at any time prior to order confirmation.

Taxes All sales, use, excise and other taxes applicable to a sale shall be paid by the purchaser unless appropriate exemption certificates have been submitted to Unika Vaev.

General Terms Unika Vaev requires a 50% deposit payment upon the placement of an order. The balance of payment, including invoiced charges not included in our pricing, is due prior to shipment.

Credit Terms At its discretion, Unika Vaev may extend credit terms to accredited customers. Credit may be established upon completion and review of a credit application and acceptance of satisfactory trade references. Subject to the following provision regarding custom product, accredited buyers will be extended NET-15 terms commencing upon issuance of our invoice. If timely payment is not made, the customer shall be liable for 1-1/2% monthly interest charges and reasonable collection costs, including attorney fees. Unika Vaev reserves the right to change credit terms at any time without prior notice.

Terms for Custom Product Notwithstanding the extension of payment terms to accredited customers, Unika Vaev requires a 50% deposit payment to initiate an order for any product that it considers, in its sole discretion, to be custom. Custom product shall include, but not be limited to, standard product that requires modification as to yard content, construction or color and product that is not included in the Unika Vaev price list at time of order.

Orders All fabric must be ordered by name and color, specifying Unika Vaev’s product number in the order. When seeking an exact match, please submit a cutting with your order; consistency in shade cannot be assured. All orders must be in writing and must include shipping instructions and package marking. Orders sent directly to Unika Vaev should be addressed to 114 New Park Ave North Franklin, CT 06254. Alternatively, customers may place orders with their local Unika Vaev sales representative or email to

Unika Vaev product is sold to the nearest .10 yard, 1 yard minimum. Any fraction of a yard will be sold and billed at the next highest .10 yard increment. Minimum order quantity is one yard. All fabrics are subject to changes in availability. Therefore, we recommend that customers check inventory stocks with a Unika Vaev customer service representative before placing an order. To protect product from prior sale, if requested, Unika Vaev will reserve reasonable quantities of its product for 10 days.

Orders are subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein which supersede all previous terms and conditions and any prior and/or contemporaneous agreements or correspondence regarding the sale. Unika Vaev hereby gives notice of its objection to any different or additional terms and conditions. An order is not binding on Unika Vaev until the purchaser has received its formal order confirmation and such orders may not be modified except upon the issuance by Unika Vaev of a revised order confirmation. Terms set forth in the order confirmation shall control in the event of a conflict between the terms set forth in the order confirmation and those terms set forth herein. Any sale is expressly conditional upon purchaser’s assent to the terms and conditions set forth herein.

Change Orders or Cancellations Changes or cancellations to confirmed orders will not be accepted without the prior written authorization of Unika Vaev and if accepted will be subject to handling charges. Under no circumstances will changes or cancellations be accepted if such changes or cancellations are not received in time to be implemented.

Shipments and Freight All shipments made within the domestic United States and to Canada will be made via standard ground transportation (tailgate delivery only) by a freight carrier chosen by Unika Vaev. There will be a separate charge for shipments made to any overseas destination, shipments made domestically or to Canada via air or any other expedited ground service, or shipments that require special circumstances of delivery (e.g., inside delivery). Unika Vaev reserves the right to make partial shipments.

Freight Claims Unika Vaev assumes no risk of loss or damage to merchandise after it leaves its warehouse and therefore is not responsible for damage or loss suffered in transit or in storage. Unika Vaev believes that its merchandise is carefully inspected and packed according to ICC standards. At time of delivery, the customer (consignee) should examine all cartons carefully and note any visible damage or shortage on the delivery receipt. The customer must claim any damage or loss with the freight carrier within 5 days of delivery and packing materials must be retained until subsequent inspection is made by the freight carrier. The customer is also protected against concealed damages if a freight claim is filed with carrier within 5 days of receipt of goods.

Defects Any claims against Unika Vaev for defects, shortage or error must be made by the customer, in writing, within 10 days of delivery of the product, provided that the customer or others have not cut or otherwise modified the product. Failure to make such claim within the 10-day period or modification of the product shall constitute full acceptance of the merchandise and waiver of all defects, shortages, and errors ascertainable under inspection.

Returns No merchandise may be returned without Unika Vaev’s prior written return authorization. Unauthorized returns will not be accepted and will be returned freight collect to the customer. To the extent authorized by Unika Vaev, returns of non-defective product will be subject to a 25% restocking charge. Notwithstanding Unika Vaev’s prior return authorization, if the returned goods are not received in their original condition, the return will become void and the merchandise will be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense. The customer shall bear all responsibility for freight and/or concealed damage in respect of the return of goods. Return requests for fabric lengths of less than 10 yards or for custom product will not be considered by Unika Vaev.

Delivery Unika Vaev is not liable for delay or failure to deliver or perform due to strikes, differences with workers, war, riot, fire, compliance with government regulations, acts of God, failure or delay of sources of supply or any other causes beyond its control.

Storage Unika Vaev reserves the right to transfer product to storage, at customer expense, if the customer cannot accept delivery by the shipping date specified on the order confirmation and may deem such transfer as delivery for all purposes including invoicing and payment.

Warranty Unika Vaev warrants to the original purchaser that all textiles under normal use shall meet their respective specifications for a period of one (1) year from the date of delivery. If a product fails to conform to this limited warranty during the first year after date of shipment, upon prompt written notice, Unika Vaev will, at its option, repair, replace, or refund the purchase price of, the affected textiles. This warranty does not apply to other parties acts or omissions, user modifications, or unusual atmospheric or environmental conditions


Samples Memo samples may be requested by telephone at 800-237-1625, via the email to, via the website at or directly through your local sales representative. All Unika Vaev samples are provided for general pattern and color information only and should never be considered as a control sample when placing an order. Unika Vaev is not responsible for dye lot differences and does not guarantee, warrant or represent an exact match to cuttings, memos, or any other sampling material.

Designs All products shown in Unika Vaev’s literature and web site are, and remain, the property of Unika Vaev and it reserves the exclusive right to distribute and/or manufacture the models shown. Unika Vaev reserves the right to make changes in price, design, construction or coloration without prior notice.


Limitation of Liability Unika Vaev shall not be liable to purchaser for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages arising from a breach of the terms and conditions set forth herein. Purchaser’s remedies are exclusive and the liability of Unika Vaev with respect to the breach of the terms and conditions set forth herein or any contract entered into between the parties pursuant hereto shall not exceed the price of the product on which such liability is based.

Unika Vaev is a division of International Contract Furnishings.