Textile Graded in Program

green and black upholstery textiles in a bunch
Cocoon Jade, Nubbly Juniper, Almost Tweed Toffee Crunch, & Feeling Plaid Black

Graded In Program

What do you get when you combine exceptional fabrics from Unika Vaev with high-quality furniture from the industry’s leading manufacturers?

Our Graded In Program!

About the Graded In Program

At Unika Vaev, we’re committed to providing innovative and sustainable textile products that support our customers in creating truly inspired environments. By simplifying the furniture selection and purchasing process through strategic partnerships with like-minded furniture manufacturers, the Graded In Program is a natural extension of this commitment.

What does the Graded In Program mean for you?

Just click on one of our partner brands to be taken directly to its website, where you can select a piece of furniture and have it finished with the Unika Vaev upholstery fabric of your choosing.

The result? A streamlined process, faster timeline, and reduced costs.

Not only that, but furniture fabric grades and pricing are available upfront for complete transparency.

Powerful Partnerships for Beautiful Results

We hold our partners to the same high standards we strive to maintain here at Unika Vaev, and we’re delighted to share their outstanding products with our valued customers.

At the same time, we are validated when a partner “grades” our beautiful collection of fabrics into their line.


Because it is an expression of the quality of our fabric, as well as of the degree to which Unika Vaev textiles are highly desired and sought after in our industry.