Acoustic Products

For rooms that look great and sound even better, Unika Vaev can help you design a space that absorbs sound from the ground (and walls) up. Our wide range of acoustic products and our extensive technical services, which include; estimating, shop drawings, and renderings, make Unika Vaev a one-stop destination for all of your acoustic planning needs.

Please Your Eyes (And Your Ears)

From acoustic panels to tiles, ceiling products, acoustic lighting, and more, we can take your noisy, I-can’t-get-work-done-here space and turn it into the sound-absorbing environment of your dreams. Whether your restaurant echoes or your office space has boring walls and ceilings, Unika Vaev can help you think again through beautiful acoustic solutions.

Have a vision? We can create it! At Unika Vaev, we want to make it easy for you to bring your dream design to life. Through our customization options and talented team, we can mock up what’s in your head and make it a reality.

Redesign With These Elements In Mind…


Design inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes – and that includes ceilings! Don’t settle for boring and basic when you can take your space to the next level with functional ceiling trends that add that extra something you’ve been missing.

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If your walls could talk, they’d ask for a revamp! Whether you want to add a pop of color, a fun texture, or sound-dampening solutions, we have the tiles, prints, panels, and more to keep your walls (and your ears) happy.

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At Unika Vaev, we always want to provide you with the most unique, functional acoustic products for your space. From mood to productivity, acoustic lighting can help improve it all. Whether in an office, conference room, lobby, or hallway, it can absorb ambient noise while also working in harmony with the design of your space to create the perfect atmosphere.

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Floor + Desk Screens

Think on your feet (or below them!). Create an environment that’s as peaceful as it is functional with sound absorbing floor and desk screens that allow you to hear yourself think again. From colorful foldable floor screens to desk partitions, we can customize the perfect solution for any space.

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Acoustic Products Inspiration

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8 Squared

204 colorways

8 Squared solves the problem of providing an excellent LED lighting solution, while correcting the issue of sound-reverberation. Available as a flat tile or as an extruded coffered tile in 17 color-ways of Solid Core and almost 200 curated Wilsonart® printed patterns. 8 Squared tiles can be quickly installed in...

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Acoustic Panel Prints Collection

204 colorways

Select a piece of art, a logo, or a message, or opt for one of the carefully curated printed patterns from the Wilsonart® laminate collection through Unika Vaev Design Studio’s Digital Print Program to enhance the acoustic environment of any space. The program employs state of the art, high-resolution** digital...

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109 colorways

Taking inspiration from both geometry in nature, the Air concept has given us modules in the shape of flowers, snowflakes, leaves and abstract figures. With Air-X, Stefan Borselius enters a world of symbols, typography, and letters. Just like the letters of the alphabet, the ceiling-suspended sound-absorber Air-X allows you to create...

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