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Fraster Felt Rug Collection

We know what you’re thinking…rugs are so outdated, right? We’re here to prove you oh-so-wrong with our wool felt rugs, the underrated addition your space needs.

Rugs That Want to Be Walked On

Who has wool felt rugs and complete customization? Unika Vaev! Whether you’re refreshing your office décor to add a more modern touch or want to add some funky flair to a high-traffic area like a lobby of a commercial building, picking the right flooring (with the right company) is easier said than done. With over 35 wool felt rug colors (plus custom) options available, the freedom to create is truly yours. Plus, the process is easy! Either use your own design or choose one of our available patterns to ensure your rug fits your room’s needs.

Providing a fresh and modern look, our 100% wool felt rugs can be cut to fit any space and in no time at all (we promise, we mean it!). Within 48 hours of receiving your design, we can sketch and submit it back to you for approval – then the fun part begins! From there, we’ll produce the rug you thought could only live in your imagination and quickly ship it to meet your timeframe.

High-Traffic Areas Call for High-Quality Rugs


What’s better than an environmentally friendly flooring choice? Our Fraster Felt Rugs! Made with materials that are free from formaldehyde, these rugs are also completely biodegradable, making them better for the environment. They also have no irritating chemical compounds and no harmful substances.

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Custom Design

The customization at Unika Vaev is truly endless. If you have a vision in mind, let’s make it a reality! From different stitching options to the shape of the rug itself (squares, circles, zigzags, etc.) – you name it, and we can create it.

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Fraster Felt Rug Inspiration

Fraster Felt Rugs

Fraster Felt Rug

35 colorways

Felt is a completely homogeneous material that can be cut in any way without fraying. Precise cutting of felt provides clean edge detail thereby permitting designers to play with form. Design your own rug or start from our standard patterns and then select from a wide variety of colors to...

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