Unika Vaev’s Focus on Providing Sustainable Acoustic Products

Unika Vaev’s Focus on Providing Sustainable Products

Designing and providing high-quality, sustainable products is a passion for Unika Vaev. From our vibrant textiles to our superior decorative acoustic products, we focus on using ethically sourced, non-toxic materials that contribute to a cleaner environment.

Here are a few ways we’ve taken the initiative toward sustainability:

  1. Sustainable Product Development

All about that zero-waste! Our collection of ecoustic® Solid Core products are constructed using recyclable PET and are produced through a zero-waste process for a happier, healthier environment. Our Timber products are made using PEFC-certified solid timber sourced from sustainably managed forests. These products, as well as many others, meet stringent VOC emission standards.

We’ve only highlighted a few of our products here, but all our textile and acoustic products have a sustainable back story to them. Such as the Icelandic Wool and components used to produce our product Kula, the wool used to make our Fraster Rugs, or many of the components used in our products such as Scala and Lily. Our sustainability story goes on and on.

  1. Recyclable Materials

The LIFE Textile Collection proves that you don’t need to sacrifice quality for sustainability. Comprised of quality renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable materials, these textiles can last multiple lifetimes through upcycling or recycling, and because of their construction, they will outlast many other fabrics!

  1. Eliminating Harmful Chemicals

We strive to create products without the use of harmful chemicals to maintain a safe environment for our customers. The raw materials sourced and used in the production of our products are thoroughly vetted to ensure compliance with strict environmental standards.

Our Product Impact

Currently, many acoustic panels are produced using fiberglass. This is a product that will not break down over time, is difficult and expensive to recycle, and may contain harmful chemicals. Instead of fiberglass, we use product materials that contain up to 80% recycled PET to produce our ecoustic® Felted Panels. Our eco-friendly design practices are fueled by our mission to create sustainable products daily.

Below are just a few examples of our dedication to running a sustainable company:

Cradle to Cradle

Unika Vaev was awarded the Cradle-to-Cradle Certification for our ecoustic® Solid Core Panels. This certification also includes all of our fabricated products that are produced with ecoustic® Solid Core Felt Panels. We take great pride in this certification at Unika Vaev because it evaluates the sustainability of products based on an array of attributes.

To become certified, product manufacturers must meet specific criteria, including emissions standards, renewable energy standards, and sustainable product standards, to name a few. Upon meeting the requirements, manufacturers must have products evaluated and tested before the certification becomes final. This certification exemplifies our commitment to producing sustainable acoustic products.

Declare Label

Another environmental label with which we comply is the Declare label. The Declare label is a product label that identifies the ingredients used to make our products. Along with listing the items within a product, the Declare label identifies the chemicals used in production and rates the overall safety of a product based on the Red List. The Red List identifies chemicals that are harmful to people and the environment.

Additionally, the Declare label shows compliance with emissions standards, such as those outlined by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Currently, Unika Vaev is proud to feature many products with the Declare label, including ecoustic® Felt Faced Panel products, ecoustic® Tile products, and ecoustic® Solid Core products. Following the specifications of the Declare label is just one of many ways we minimize our environmental impact.


LIFE Collection

The LIFE Textile Collection, an acronym for Low Impact For the Environment, is produced using natural, renewable wool sourced from Australia and New Zealand. Employing such standards as holistic farm management using natural fertilizers rather than man-made chemicals and the use of 100% non-potable ground and rainwater, this groundbreaking standard of land management has resulted in the reclamation of thousands of acres of farmland previously deemed unusable for raising sheep. With such a commitment toward giving back to the earth, who wouldn’t choose this sustainable product collection?

Key sustainability features of the LIFE Collection:


All LIFE Collection textiles are either biodegradable or recyclable. The reusability, recyclability, and biodegradability of our products ensure that we can reduce the impact on the environment.


Attaining a low VOC certification is another component of maintaining an environmentally friendly company. We are proud to say that many of the textile products in the LIFE Collection products are certified as low VOC. This is the EPA’s identification of volatile organic compounds, including those found in industrial chemicals or solvents, which can harm both people and the environment.

Additional Benefits

Wool products positively impact indoor air quality by absorbing air contaminants. Fewer free-range contaminants are a positive benefit for both people and the environment.

Our Sustainable Philosophy

Overall, our primary goal at Unika Vaev is to provide acoustic and textile products that improve your life and the health of our planet.

Our products are always growing and evolving based on the development of new sustainable technologies and materials. We remain committed to providing quality products that enhance the future of our planet and create a positive impact on the lives of our clients. To take advantage of our extensive selection of acoustic and textile products, browse the Unika Vaev catalog today. If you’re not sure what you need, don’t hesitate to chat with us to find the best acoustics design for your space.