ecoustic® Panel Collection

ecoustic® panels are designed to reduce and control reverberated noise in building interiors. The ecoustic® panel collection consists of polyester felt fabric adhered to any of four different thicknesses of PET acoustic core. This collection is available in 34 color-ways.

ecoustic® panels feature numerous benefits such as superior acoustic performance, Improved tack-ability and environmental performance, which is ideal for office, government, education, public building, hospitality, retail and residential interiors.

ecoustic® panel is available in four thicknesses; 0.31” (8mm), 0.53” (13.5mm), 0.98” (25mm), 1.97” (50mm), depending on your acoustic requirements.

Instyle Studio
Ceiling, Wall
California 01350 Emissions Compliant, Low VOC, Rapidly Renewable Content, Recycled Content, Third Party Certified, mindful MATERIALS, Global Greentag, EPD, HPD, Declare CDHP Emissions Compliant
100% PET (up to 80% recycled content)
NRC Rating
0.30 - 1.0 Depending on thickness and air gap, please refer to specification pages for complete details
47 5/8" x 107 1/16" (1210mm x 2720 mm) Thickness- .31" (8mm), .53" (13.5mm), .98" (25mm), or 1.97" (50mm)
Sold In
Boxes of 3, 5, 6, or 8, depending on thickness
AS/ISO 9705 group 1
AS/NZS 1530.3
GB 8624
BCA Group 1
Additional Information

– Anodized aluminum trim is available to provide a finished edge profile where desired. An anodized T trim is also available for a custom look between seams.
– .98″ Panels are standard with white core, black core is available as a special order item.
– Please Note: ecoustic® Panels have dimensional tolerances detailed below:
– Thickness +/- .04″ – .08″ (1mm – 2mm)
– Width +/- .2″ (5mm)
– Length +/- .4″ (10mm)
– ASTM E84 class ratings are as follows: Class A for the .31”, .53”, + .98” white core panels, and Class B for the .98” black core + 1.97” white core panels


– The NRC rating range for ecoustic® panels is between 0.30 and 1.0 depending on the panel thickness, when the panel is directly fixed to a wall.
– Increased NRC ratings may be achieved by installing ecoustic® panels with an air gap.
– Detailed NRC ratings may be found on the panel specification document on this page.

Green Star + LEED

– ecoustic® Panel is Greentag Level A Certified and can achieve maximum Green Star points.
– 80% post-consumer content contributes to LEED MR Credit 4 recycled content.

CAD Files
Please contact Unika Vaev customer service for CAD Files
Panel .31" Colors
Panel .53" Colors
Panel .98" Colors
Panel 1.97" Colors