The VisualAcoustiq® collection allows you to create any custom graphic design, logo or photograph to personalize your space and create your custom message. In addition, Unika Vaev has curated a collection of stunning photographs by International award winning photographer, Ryan Buchanan.

VisualAcoustiq® provides a versatile canvas for designers to achieve dramatic visuals, impactful branding, or impressive graphics while at the same time providing significantly enhanced acoustic benefits for most any space. By combining the ability to deliver large format, durable, custom images with significant acoustic properties, Unika Vaev proves once again to be a global leader in acoustic interior solutions.

VisualAcoustiq® is an exclusive offering of Unika Vaev. Designed, developed and produced in the United States by Unika Vaev Studios which implements the custom fabrication, and creative design support for the Unika Vaev ecoustic® brand of acoustic panels.

Key Features

Unika Vaev Design Studio
Low VOC, No Conflict Minerals, No Fire Retardant Additives, Prop 65 Compliant, Red List Compliant
100% PET (>50% recycled content)
NRC Rating

Additional Features

Unika Vaev Design Studio
100% Polyester Printed Fabric
Low VOC, No Conflict Minerals, No Fire Retardant Additives, Prop 65 Compliant, Red List Compliant

VisualAcoustiq® is a custom application that accommodates varied dimensional specifications. Available in Black & White, PMS colors, CMYK or RGB color profiles, VisualAcoustiq® is;

  • Color-fast and UV stable
  • Rated for Class A fire standards
  • Cleanable
  • Able to be installed without field cutting
  • Mechanically fastened to most surfaces
  • Movable
  • Economically updated or replaced
  • Self-trimmed with an anodized aluminum frame
  • Frame can be painted in a black gloss, white gloss, black matte, or white matte for an up-charge. Custom Colors are available, please contact customer service.
Additional Information

Most common image files are acceptable as long as they meet the 100dpi minimum requirement at the printed size.

  • JPEG (or JPG) – Joint Photographic Experts Group.
  • PNG – Portable Network Graphics.
  • TIFF – Tagged Image File.
  • PSD – Photoshop Document.
  • PDF – Portable Document Format.
  • TIFF – Tag Image File Format
  • EPS – Encapsulated Postscript
  • AI – Adobe Illustrator Document
  • INDD – Adobe InDesign Document
  • RAW – Raw Image Formats


  • Dimensions will be determined on a per project basis.
  • Custom printing available
  • Print images required to be at least 100 dpi at actual size OR a vector file of any size
  • Print images should exceed 2″ beyond requested finished dimensions.
  • Aluminum trim will also be determined on a per project basis.
  • Replacement print graphics also available.
  • Custom printing of close color match to non-coated Pantone colors is available as a custom option.


  • Spot clean using a mild water-free solvent, or dry cleaning product. Clean only in a well ventilated room and avoid any product containing Carbon Tetra-chloride or other toxic materials
100% PET (>50% recycled content)
NRC Rating
Quoted per project / Max dimension of 10' x 75'
Sold In
Kit format - Includes 1" acoustic core, printed graphic, and exterior aluminum trim.
ASTM E84 Class A

Available Colors

Textures - Guava
Textures - Hibiscus Tea
Textures - Peach Sorbet
Textures - Papaya
Textures - Chili Powder
Textures - Marmalade
Textures - Salmon
Textures - Aged Port
Textures - Sugar Cookie
Textures - Coffee Ice
Textures - Buttercream
Textures - Wheat Berry
Textures - Quince
Textures - Buttered Squash
Textures - Dried Sage
Textures - Cucumber Juice
Textures - Kale Leaf
Textures - Bellini Blue
Textures - Blue Curacaco
Textures - Blueberry Tart
Textures - Blueberry Taffy
Textures - Sea Berry
Textures - Ink Soup
Textures - Raspberry Cream
Textures - Lemon Lime
Textures - Radiant Brass
Textures - Antique Brass
Textures - Light Oil Bronze
Textures - Faded Bronze
Textures - Burnished Bronze
Textures - Weathered Bronze
Textures - Aged Bronze
Textures - Fountain Penny
Textures - Copper Alloy
Textures - New Penny
Textures - Burnished Copper
Textures - Polished Silver
Textures - Heirloom Silver
Textures - Oxidized Silver
Textures - Fruit Punch
Textures - Waterspout
Textures - Dublin Crossweave
Textures - Berry
Textures - Iced Mint
Textures - Bonaire
Textures - Hot Sun
Textures - Majesty
Textures - Blue Yonder
Textures - Orange Crush
Textures - Grape Jelly
Textures - Granny Smith
Textures - Green Tourmaline
Textures - Iolite

Optical Solids - Pale Brass
Optical Solids - Let it Rain
Optical Solids - Sea Wall
Optical Solids - Sea Side
Optical Solids - Savina
Optical Solids - Rendezvous
Optical Solids - Tomatillo
Optical Solids - Razzle
Optical Solids - Palace
Optical Solids - Admiral
Optical Solids - Mistletoe
Optical Solids - Aegean Sea
Optical Solids - Cricket
Optical Solids - Rose Dust
Optical Solids - Spritz
Optical Solids - Southern Cross
Optical Solids - Tewkesbury
Optical Solids - Rugby
Optical Solids - Jean
Optical Solids - Rosemary
Optical Solids - Chutney
Optical Solids - Persimmon
Optical Solids - Bakelite Gold
Optical Solids - Silvan
Optical Solids - Evergreen
Optical Solids - Santiam
Optical Solids - Carnival
Optical Solids - Prickly Pear

Stone & Steel - Arden Park Carrera
Stone & Steel - Arden Park Marble
Stone & Steel - Mack Ave Concrete
Stone & Steel - Milwaukee Junction Steel
Stone & Steel - Milwaukee Junction Copper
Stone & Steel - Milwaukee Junction Zinc
Stone & Steel - Milwaukee Junction Rust
Stone & Steel - Milwaukee Junction Oxide
Stone & Steel - Aged Wall

Studio Patterns - Jadite Milk Paint
Studio Patterns - Milk Paint
Studio Patterns - Mason Milk Paint
Studio Patterns - Spanish Milk Paint
Studio Patterns - Chestnut Milk Paint
Studio Patterns - Custard Milk Paint
Studio Patterns - Cornflower Milk Paint
Studio Patterns - Lace Gesso Wood
Studio Patterns - Silver Gesso Wood
Studio Patterns - Blonde Gesso Wood
Studio Patterns - Textured Papyrus

Wood Grains - Antique Wood
Wood Grains - Factory Antique Wood
Wood Grains - Mill Antique Wood
Wood Grains - Chesapeake Antique Wood
Wood Grains - Beach Antique Wood
Wood Grains - Pickled Antique Wood
Wood Grains - Verdigris Crown
Wood Grains - Hemlock Crown
Wood Grains - Gunmetal Crown
Wood Grains - Terra Cotta Crown
Wood Grains - Sienna Crown
Wood Grains - Natural Crown
Wood Grains - Anasazi Crown
Wood Grains - Pepper Alona
Wood Grains - Timberwolf Alona
Wood Grains - Amber Alona
Wood Grains - Russet Alona
Wood Grains - Monarch Alona
Wood Grains - Apricot Alona
Wood Grains - Flax Alona
Wood Grains - Reclaimed Oak
Wood Grains - Rediscovered Oak
Wood Grains - Revived Oak
Wood Grains - Antique Tobacco Pine
Wood Grains - Antique Cognac Pine
Wood Grains - Restored Oak
Wood Grains - Remade Oak
Wood Grains - Repurposed Oak
Wood Grains - Salem Chestnut
Wood Grains - Rancho Red Pine
Wood Grains - Border Blue Pine
Wood Grains - Scorched Chestnut
Wood Grains - Stone Alona
Wood Grains - Misty Crown
Wood Grains - Barn Door
Wood Grains - Brown Tulipwood
Wood Grains - Natural Tulipwood
Wood Grains - Fumed Maple
Wood Grains - Grey Plywood
Wood Grains - Natural Plywood
Wood Grains - Island Oak
Wood Grains - Washington Slab
Wood Grains - Texas Mesquite
Wood Grains - Flagstaff Lodge
Wood Grains - Raw Maple
Wood Grains - Washed Crown
Wood Grains - Bleached Crown
Wood Grains - Planked Louisiana Pecan
Wood Grains - Louisiana Pecan
Wood Grains - Weathered Pecan
Wood Grains - Oak Wash
Wood Grains - Oak Char
Wood Grains - Oak Raw
Wood Grains - Oak Navy
Wood Grains - Oak Grey
Wood Grains - Oak Jacobean
Wood Grains - Oak Early American
Wood Grains - Straight Cut Oak Wash
Wood Grains - Straight Cut Oak Char
Wood Grains - Straight Cut Oak Raw
Wood Grains - Straight Cut Oak Navy
Wood Grains - Straight Cut Oak Grey
Wood Grains - Straight Cut Oak Jacobean
Wood Grains - Straight Cut Oak Early American
Wood Grains - Walnut Wash
Wood Grains - Walnut Char
Wood Grains - Walnut Raw
Wood Grains - Walnut Navy
Wood Grains - Walnut Grey
Wood Grains - Walnut Jacobean
Wood Grains - Walnut Early Amerian

Abstracts - Ash Arabesque
Abstracts - Sun Bleach Arabesque
Abstracts - Olive Arabesque
Abstracts - Sky Arabesque
Abstracts - Classic Marbleized
Abstracts - Big Plaid
Abstracts - Basil Honeycomb
Abstracts - Raspberry Parfait Honeycomb
Abstracts - Dusty Mauve Honeycomb
Abstracts - Artisan Find
Abstracts - Grateful Dyed
Abstracts - Green Sew and Sew
Abstracts - Blue Sew and Sew
Abstracts - Artisan Vessel

Curated Images by Ryan Buchanan

Battle Between Light And Darkness
Big Texas
Brandon Bells
Buffalo Trace
Canada Lake
Canyon Arizona
Canyon X Arizona
Canyonlands Lightning
Colorado Aspen
Delicate Arch Utah
Drawn Together
Enchantments Larches Washington
Fairy Falls Oregon
Fire On High
Hidden Lake
Ice Light
Icelandic Dreams
Into The Valley
Mesa Arch Snowy Sunrise Canyonlands
Morraine Lake
Ohara Sunset
Panther Falls Washington
Reflection Canyon
Silver Lining
Spirit Falls Autumn Washington
The Wave Arizona
Utah Dead Horse Point
Venice Italy
Vestra Light
Washington Alure
Window View Arches Utah
Zabriskie Dawn

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