Ecoustic Edging Trim

Acoustic panels and screens are available with slim aluminum edge profiles and “T” trim.

Additional Features

100% Anodized Aluminum
Additional Information
  • The edging profiles for the .31″ and .53″ ecoustic® Panel are .04″ larger to allow for a .04″ tolerance in panel thickness
  • T Trim is suitable for .53″, .98″, and 1.97″ ecoustic® Panels
  • All edging profiles are available in a natural anodized aluminum color
9' Lengths
Sold In
.35" (9mm)- 16 per unit, .57" (14.5mm)- 10 per unit, .98"- 12 per unit, 1.97"- 6 per unit, T Trim- 10 per unit ***T Trim is not available for .31" (8mm) Panels***

Available Profiles

aluminum edging with a half inch height
14.5mm (0.57") Ecoustic Edge Trim
aluminum edging with a one inch height
25mm (0.98") Ecoustic Edge Trim
aluminum edging with a two inch height
50mm (1.97") Ecoustic Edge Trim
Ecoustic Panel Aluminum Trim
9mm (0.35") Ecoustic Edge Trim
small universal aluminum edging profile for acoustic panels
Universal T Trim

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