collage featuring an acoustic drop ceiling image textiles and wool felt rug

About Unika Vaev


Unika Vaev: Inspiring, Creating, and Weaving Our Way Into Unique Spaces


Our History

Unika Vaev was founded in 1975 – yep, that’s almost fifty years ago! But it doesn’t mean we’re still stuck in the past, living in the era of cubicle-only offices. Over the past fifty years, we’ve woven our own unique place in both textile and acoustic solutions. In fact, our name, Unika Vaev, literally means “Unique weave” in Danish.

Over the decades, we’ve come a long way from when we first began our journey, but we have never forgotten our roots. We’ve taken significant steps to ensure our unique textiles and acoustic solutions have remained true to our unique namesake.

Throughout our history, with a dedication to fun, functional, unique, and durable acoustic and textile products, we’ve created an enduring design legacy. Today we’re proud to say this legacy continues in our major product lines: textiles, decorative acoustic solutions, acoustic lighting, and rugs.

If You Can Dream It, We Can Design It

We’ve always been driven by our passion for both customer service and outstanding design. That’s our history, and that’s the heart and soul of our brand. We inspire our customers by turning their design dreams into a reality, thanks to our unlimited acoustic and textile custom design capabilities at Unika Vaev Design Studios. Our mission is to seamlessly combine timeless design, modern technology, enduring quality, and exceptional service. And, of course, we always strive to exceed expectations.

At Unika Vaev, We’re Capable Of Anything

When it comes to decorative acoustic products, we mean it when we say our products are unlike any other. First, we threw out society’s preconceived notions of what sound-absorbing products should look like. Then we continued to expand our collection to a wide range of acoustic products that are suitable for any application. We have become the go-to source for highly designed decorative and custom acoustic solutions. With our expert team and your unique vision, we create fresh, beautiful, acoustic solutions that both look and perform flawlessly.

The same passion has always applied to our textile collection. Not only do we use unique yarn structures and weaves within our textiles, but we can also create a custom pattern and weave structure made just for you! The end result? Multi-functional and multi-faceted products that provide the best solution for our clients.

Happy Employees = Amazing Design Solutions

We are a family-oriented company, and we know that our position as a leader in this industry — not to mention our own products’ success — is owed first to our family of employees. We are field experts that specialize in thinking outside the box. Plus, we prioritize a healthy balance between work and personal life. This results in free-flowing ideas, solutions, and natural collaboration among our creative employees. By wholeheartedly supporting a positive workplace, our inventive solutions are endless, and both our employees and our clients can benefit.

Why We’re Different Than The Rest

We Grow With You

Although we started as a textile company, we recognize that all types of public and private spaces must meet today’s growing demand for acoustic solutions. That’s why we developed an extensive collection of products to provide absorptive and diffusive options for any space. You’ll find countless design ideas and sound-absorbing acoustic applications for walls, floors, and ceilings (yup, ceilings, too!). If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, we can create it! We’ll help you make your dreams a reality with custom acoustical products.

Our sound-absorbing products are the solution for unwanted noise (think loud chattering voices and way-too-loud music), keeping your space peaceful and calm. Whether you’re furnishing an office space or creating a quiet, inviting, welcoming area in the lobby of a building or any public space, sound matters. Our noise-reducing acoustic products are known to take a noisy “I-can’t-hear-myself-think” space and transform it into a sound-absorbing environment straight from your dreams.

Unika Vaev started from a passion – one that began many years ago when we created our first “unique” collection of textiles. As our company continues to grow, we take your not-so-fun-anymore spaces and bring them to the next level of textile design. Whether your space needs a little extra something to make it special or an entire facelift and redesign, our textile collection can be used to bring life to just about anything – walls, furniture, ceilings…you name it, we can do it! You can even use our very own Color Tool to create your own unique shade or color – how cool is that?

Sustainability Matters to Us

Here at Unika Vaev, we make finding sustainable textile and acoustic products simple and straightforward. Our sound-absorbing products are available in a wide range of surface finishes for multiple types of uses. With Unika Vaev you’ll find what you’re looking for — we have the ideal solutions you didn’t know existed!

We work hard for our customers and also for the environment. We are proud to have been awarded the Cradle-to-Cradle Certification for Unika Vaev’s acoustic Solid Core Panels, and all products made with ecoustic® Solid Core Felt Panels. You’ll also find the low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) certification and the Declare Label listed on most of our products.

When it comes to our textile collection, many of our products are produced with natural fibers, recycled content, and manufacturing processes that meet stringent sustainability requirements. They’re designed with longevity in mind and are sustainably manufactured by an eco-friendly company. We’ve even created a collection that proves you never need to sacrifice quality for sustainability. Produced with renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable materials, browse through our extensive collection of products for fabrics sure to last.

Our Ordering Process Is Easy (We Promise!)

At Unika Vaev, we’re very hands-on – and getting you the solutions you’ve imagined on time is important to us. That’s why we make the extra effort to ensure our service is above and beyond what you’d expect. Whether we’re in the specification and ordering process or at the delivery phase, our team is here for you.

Each project is treated as if it’s our only project. We monitor the progress throughout each and every step to ensure that all aspects are overseen. Our attention to detail and due diligence in this area results in a high level of customer satisfaction (just ask them for yourself!). Because of our products’ unique nature and ability to view “through our customers’ eyes,” we can provide standard products and custom solutions tailored to the client’s needs and aesthetic expectations.

We Make Your Acoustic, Textile, & Lighting Dreams a Reality

Since our inception, the products we create at Unika Vaev have always been miles above the competition — and so has our customer care. We are devoted to customer service throughout the entire process, from project design and specs to delivery. We work closely with you and learn about your unique dreams and preferences, so we can see our own products through your eyes.

The result? Textiles, Rugs, and Decorative Acoustic Products tailored exclusively to your vision. Consider Unika Vaev for all your acoustic, textile, acoustic lighting, and rug design needs, and bring design to life with us.