ecoustic Neilson tile and Banner baffle installation in ACT Dept lounge

Acoustic Lighting

Is your lighting doing everything it can in your space? Our high-performance sound-absorbing light fixtures can take your office, lobby, or restaurant from dull to dazzling.

Acoustic Lighting Solutions

If you’re considering acoustics and also need a lighting solution, we have the best products that will take your room from dark to luminescent. In fact, there’s a way to take your lighting to the next level. Acoustic lighting not only provides excellent illumination but also absorbs and reduces unwanted sound. Plus, our combination of form and function helps create a quieter, more peaceful, and brighter space.

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Enhance Your Environment with Acoustic Lighting

Unika Vaev acoustic light fixtures and ceiling products are made to deliver exceptional performance for both the provision of light and sound absorption while simultaneously adding visual interest to your interior space. Thanks to Unika Vaev’s expertise in everything from the Hawthorne Effect to modern ceiling ideas, you can explore with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re choosing the finest sound-absorbing products. 

Fusing visual and acoustic comfort, our sound-absorbing LED light fixtures and other decorative acoustic lighting solutions are a favorite among interior designers. This also makes them the best choice if you’re looking for unique ceiling design ideas. Whether you select a ceiling tile light, another acoustic ceiling product, something from the eye-catching ecoustic® collection, Cradle to Cradle acoustic solutions, Spot Collection, Lineal Collection, or the Lily Collection, you’ll enjoy an enhanced and elevated environment with Unika Vaev’s acoustic lighting solutions.