Moon, a globe-shaped acoustic lamp designed by Thomas Bernstrand provides high quality directed lighting with exceptional sound-absorption. Its shape and generous scale allow it to absorb a wide frequency range of ambient noise effectively. “I’ve given a lot of thought to outer space and the Moon – to the kind of vacuum that exists there. A place with light, yet utterly silent,” remarks Bernstrand. In designing Moon, Bernstrand left nothing to chance. Following two years of development work, he worked closely with Abstracta’s product developers to arrive at a lamp whose shape not only produces really good lighting but maximizes acoustic impact. The lamp’s housing consists of two acoustic felt blankets, each with its particular properties. And thanks to clever construction, even the air within the lamp serves as a sound-absorbing material. This results in exceptionally high acoustic performance, very low material consumption – and, thus, a very lightweight sound absorbing lamp.

Aesthetically speaking, Moon is characterized by elegance and perfect execution. “By combining two classic lamp shapes – a globe and a cone hidden within the globe – I was able to create a spherical lamp that offers directed light,” explains Bernstrand. The sound absorbing lamp brings a classic, clean shape to the acoustic lighting segment. The luminaire is recessed in the lamp, creating a comfortable, downward, and glare-free light. Moon is available with or without the light function in several colorways. The sound-absorbent core of Moon is produced with recycled PET, and the soft outer covering produced with polyester felt.

Key Features

Thomas Bernstrand
EPD, No Conflict Minerals, No Fire Retardant Additives, Rapidly Renewable Content, Recycled Content
100% Recycled PET
NRC Rating

Additional Features

Thomas Bernstrand
EPD, No Conflict Minerals, No Fire Retardant Additives, Rapidly Renewable Content, Recycled Content
  • Moon mainly absorbs conversational noise – both high-frequency and low, making it ideal for restaurants, lobbies, and co-working spaces
Additional Information
  • Hidden inside the globe is an LED driver, while the luminaire itself is recessed within the lamp to provide glare-free, directed light.
  • Moon employs standard DALI control (Digital Addressable lighting interface) allowing you to adjust lighting temperature with ease.
  • The luminaire is dimmable.
  • DALI light control is available as standard.
  • Hidden inside the globe is a LED driver.
  • Default setting is 2700 Kelvin (K), but this can be raised to 3000K or 4000K.
  • Moon’s light is 240 Volts.
  • Moon is supplied with a stylish, textile-covered cable that is reinforced, thus eliminating the need for any suspension wires.
  • The cable is available in several colors to harmonize with the felt blanket.
  • Ceiling mounting bracket included.
  • Power cord length is approx. 13 feet.


Basic Care Instructions:

  • To preserve the color and appearance of the fabric, Moon should be vacuumed regularly with a soft nozzle.
  • Polyester Stain Removal: Use colorless paper towels or a plain cloth, along with lukewarm water, and optionally, a mild pH-neutral detergent. Gently apply a dry cloth or uncolored paper towel onto the material to absorb both moisture and grime. Repeat the process of dampening and blotting until the stain disappears. During the final dampening, utilize clean water without any detergent. Conclude by thoroughly rinsing the section with clean water.
100% Recycled PET
100% Polyester Felt
NRC Rating
21.7" Ø
Sold In
ASTM E84 Class A, EN 13501-1

Available Colors

textured beige felt
Texfel - Beige
dark blue textured felt
Texfel - Blue
dark grey textured felt
Texfel - Dark Grey
light grey textured felt
Texfel - Light Grey

Moon Details

Dark Blue Moon Acoustic Lighting
Black Luminaire Detail
detail of a cord attaching to a light grey acoustic globe
Moon Attachment Detail
detail of white interior of a lighted acoustic globe
White Luminaire Detail

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