ecoustic Neilson tile and Banner baffle installation in ACT Dept lounge

Acoustic Rugs

High-traffic areas deserve high-quality rugs, and at Unika Vaev, we know a thing or two about designing the perfect one for your space. Say goodbye to boring rooms and out-of-date flooring. Your customized acoustic rug is just one design mockup away.

What is an Acoustic Rug?

A leading provider of custom acoustic rug products, acoustic flooring, and other acoustic solutions, Unika Vaev puts sound absorption right at your fingertips (or feet, in the case of our high-quality sound-absorbing rugs).

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All acoustic carpets aren’t created equal, and we challenge you to find one as exceptional as Unka Vaev’s Fraser Felt Rug. Completely customizable across size, design, and stitching and available in colors ranging from calming neutrals to invigorating brights, this acoustic carpet made from natural wool is 100 percent biodegradable and VOC-free.

With custom embroidery and installation services available, it couldn’t be easier to elevate your space with a Unika Vaev sound-absorbing carpet.

The Many Benefits of Acoustic Rugs

The combination of acoustic rug + acoustical underlayment has transformative potential. Made from the best sound-absorbing materials, these innovative acoustic solutions work together to control reverberation, minimize floor impact sounds, and provide excellent noise attenuation – in the simplest of terms, that means the quietest space possible!

Whether you’re shopping for your home, office, retail space, or another interior setting, acoustic rugs also add that extra special design element your space has been missing.

The result? More peaceful, comfortable, and beautiful environments.

Find the Perfect Acoustic Solution with Unika Vaev

All acoustic rugs aren’t created equal. As an industry leader in textiles, Unika Vaev sets the standard for decorative, sound-absorptive, and diffusive acoustic solutions. From our acoustic carpets, acoustic ceiling tiles, acoustical panels, acoustic screens, wood acoustic products, acoustic lighting, and more, we’re the complete package (or room).

To start improving your residential or commercial space with an acoustic rug or other acoustic product, find a local Unika Vaev distributor today.