Herringbone 712

A stunning classic textured textile that evokes beauty and simplicity. Herringbone is a part of the sustainable LIFE Textiles® Collection.

Instyle Studio
Screen, Upholstery, Wall
98% Wool, 2% Nylon
Width / Weight
54 inches / 11.8 oz/linear yard
Bolt Size
50 yards
Pattern Repeat
0.87" Width x 0.43" Height
>60,000 Martindale, >35,000 Wyzenbeek
Abrasion test results exceeding ACT Performance Guidelines are not an indicator of product lifespan. Multiple factors affect fabric durability and appearance retention.
AS/NZS 1530.3
AS/NZS 3837
California Bulletin 117E
ISO 5660.1
IMOA.652(16)/IMO2010 FTP Code Pt8
S - Spot clean using a mild water-free solvent, or dry cleaning product. Clean only in a well ventilated room and avoid any product containing Carbon Tetrachloride or other toxic materials.
Green Star + LEED

- HERRINGBONE can be used on white furniture certified by AFRDI, GECA, Ecospecifier (Level B + C) and ECNZ.
- The Green Star Rating Tool states “Where at least 90% of an item’s mass is certified to a GBCA recognized standard, the item can be entered as a certified product at Level A, B or C”. Therefore, any fabric can be used as fabrics are almost always under 10% by weight of a furniture item.
- 98% rapidly renewable content contributes to LEED MR Credit 6 Rapidly Renewable Materials.

Additional Information

- 98% rapidly renewable content.
- Environmentally Improved Production Process: Manufactured to strict environmental criteria, reduced water (6% savings) and energy use, non-potable water supply (100% rain and ground water), recycling of waste.
- Manufacturer has a certified EMS (Enviro-Mark Diamond).
- Wool absorbs indoor air contaminants, benefiting indoor air quality.
- 98% biodegradable (natural fiber content) and recyclable.

Net Price Per Yard
To order samples, hover over the colorways and click the cart symbol to add to your cart, then click on My Samples at the top
To order samples, click the cart symbol to add to your cart, then click on My Samples at the top
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