Søborg, Denmark
Designer / Architect
EFFEKT Architects

We created a lovely green oasis for meetings and conversations at NCC.
The green felt rug is ideal for relaxation and bare feet.

In the heart of the bustling construction realm of NCC, a verdant oasis emerged, a sanctuary for meetings and conversations to take place in tranquility. Here, a tapestry of lush green felt unfurled, not merely a rug, but a haven for exchanges and unhurried discussions. An offering of respite, where relaxation is encouraged, and the very notion of footwear becomes optional, inviting the touch of toes to embrace the tactile pleasures. The green felt rug unfurls as both a shield against clamor and an open invitation to revel in the serenity of the space.

Products Used: Fraster Felt Rugs in color, Fern