Sunflower Studios
Nashville, TN
Designer / Architect
Sunflower Studios

Step inside Sunflower Studios in the Nashville, TN area and you’ll be greeted by a plethora of colorful sound-absorbing applications from Unika Vaev. The products featured include Kula and Lina Tiles, Scala Wall Panels, Scala Ceiling Tiles, ecoustic® Arbor Bass overhead, and stylish Fraster Felt Rugs underfoot. Not only do they transform this music studio into a fabulous art installation, but they also help to tame the wild acoustics of the room. So whether you’re belting out a ballad or shredding on the guitar, these applications have got your back (and your ears)! Who knew being sound savvy could be so stylish?

Products Used:



A boutique studio providing in-studio and remote drum and percussion tracks and music production in the Nashville, TN area

A few words from the owner, John Arrucci – Percussionist, Composer, Producer

“The Unika Vaev acoustic products have made a profound impact on the Sunflower Studios experience. As soon as someone enters the space, they are greeted to the gorgeous visual aesthetic and then are wowed by the warmth of the sound.”

“I chose these specific Unika Vaev products because of their absorbing and diffusing values along with the variety in texture, color and shape. They collectively create a magical, other worldly environment, conducive to unbridled creativity.”