Dye Transfer Disclaimer Certain clothing and accessory dyes, (such as those on denim jeans) may migrate to lighter colors. This phenomenon is increased by humidity and temperature, and is irreversible. Unika Vaev will not assume responsibility for dye transfer caused by external contaminants.

Welt Cord Disclaimer The use of welt cord on faux leather in residential and commercial upholstery applications is discouraged. When used as trim in extremely high abrasion areas such as cushion tops the welt is subject to magnified levels of continual rubbing, and premature de-lamination of the faux leather surface could occur. Even though Unika Vaev’s commercial grade faux leathers are designed to meet or exceed industry abrasion standards, the small piece of material that is wrapped and stressed around a hard piece of plastic welt creates greater tension and reduces the flexibility of the faux leather. This, combined with the vulnerability of the exposed welt cord, makes it subject to more abnormal amounts of abrasion than the actual cushion itself.

Surface Cleaning Disclaimer Each of the polyurethane products that Unika Vaev markets, are unique products and exhibit individual surface material characteristics. Please adhere to the cleaning instructions provided for each product specifically, by referring to the product cleaning code located on the specific product’s technical information page located on our website www.unikavaev.com. Any deviation from Unika Vaev cleaning instructions resulting in surface issues, will null and void All warranties, expressed or implied.