Color Forecasting: How Color Can Transform Your Space

Color is a powerful and transformative force in our world. Evoking emotions, informing environments, and shaping experiences, color is literally everywhere. Given its unmatched impact, it’s not surprising that harnessing color’s power benefits everyone, from marketers to interior designers.

Enter color forecasting.

Here, we’ll take a closer look at what color forecasting is, how it works, and its role in interior design. We’ll also explore specific ways to use color forecasting to enhance your home, workplace, or other space.

Vibrant Color Swatches

What is Color Forecasting?

Pick up a clothing catalog or click through your favorite home decor website, and you’ll notice that some colors are more prevalent than others. This begs the question: What determines which colors will “trend” and which will fall out of favor? Color trend forecasting is key to figuring out which colors are trending and when.

Let’s go a bit deeper: Color forecasting combines art, science, and psychology (aka the process of predicting which colors will be popular at a particular point in time). It involves analysis of current trends and patterns, consumer behaviors, and cultural influences.

From helping clothing brands decide which colors to use in their collections to inspiring seasonal home and decor trends, color forecasting is essential in fashion, beauty, and interior design. Plus, it’s also critical to advertising, marketing, and sales. If any of these are you, it’s important you keep reading to fully understand its benefit!

We know it might sound extreme, but ultimately, color has the potential to make or break a product launch or advertising campaign – and that’s where color forecasting comes in. By understanding what colors will make the biggest impact, brands can know which hues will resonate best with consumers (resulting in more leads and sales). The more accurate color forecasting is, the more effectively it can be used to understand consumers and how to create products that satisfy their wants and needs.

Viva Magenta Flowers

How Are Color Trends Created?

Where should you look for the latest in all things color? The International Colour Authority (ICA), Pantone Color Institute, and Trendstop are just a few examples of organizations that harness the art and science of color to provide trend forecasts for beauty, fashion, interior design, and other industries.

Drawing heavily on color psychology and the psychological impact of color, these organizations “read the pulse” of society and culture at a particular point in time to make their color predictions. Then, once forecasters have their say, the world takes note.

For example, during the height of COVID in 2021, Pantone selected two colors that reflected the mindset of the time: a comforting “Ultimate Gray” and “Illuminating,” an optimistic yellow.

Two years later and with the pandemic officially over, Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2023 is Viva Magenta, “a pulsating color whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration, writing a new narrative.”

As 2023 continues, expect to see this shocking pink-red shade everywhere, from clothing and interiors to graphic design and product packaging.

Color Forecasting in Interior Design

Color can influence things like moods, behaviors, and outlooks. It can even impact the environment! Because of its effect on well, everything, it shows how important color and color forecasting is for interior designers.

Color can be used strategically to make rooms feel comfortable and cozy, bright and energizing, or serene and calming. Whether you’re looking to welcome guests, put visitors at ease, inspire creativity, or prompt specific actions, color can be leveraged to your advantage (it can even make you hungry!).

Choosing an Interior Design Pattern

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