Acoustic Panels: How & Where to Use Them

When updating your space, what comes to mind? Maybe some new flooring or carpeting…perhaps a new paint color for your walls. But have you ever thought about using acoustic wall panels? Well, not only are they one of our best-selling acoustic products, but they take any space from boring to beautiful.

Unfamiliar with them? If you’re curious why so many people seek them out and wonder how (and where) to use them in your office or corporate space, we’ve got you covered. Here we’ll highlight some ways to use them in interior environments to make your living or working space more aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and, of course, quiet.

The Beauty of Acoustic Panels

When we think of “beauty” in interior design, we often think of the visual appearance of a room. However, a beautifully designed interior space acknowledges form and function equally. And when it comes to the functionality of a room, “noise” is usually at the top of the list.

Unfortunately, the reality is that offices, lobbies, and restaurant spaces often end up being surprisingly noisy places — especially without the proper acoustics in place. This can quickly detract from relaxation, enjoyment, and hearing your own thoughts. Trying to concentrate, sleep, or have a private conversation? Poor acoustics can also interfere with these objectives.

That’s where acoustic panels come in.

How to Use Acoustic Panels

While hard surfaces like hardwood, glass, tile, concrete, and bare walls may be aesthetic design elements, they also are the culprits of sound reverberation. Acoustic wall panels absorb sound, meaning they help to create quiet spaces. Another way to look at it? Rather than amplifying sound like many materials, acoustic panels deaden it.

When you install acoustic panels on your ceiling or walls, you create a quieter and more comfortable space resulting in increased privacy and better entertainment possibilities.

Where to Place Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are an excellent way to enhance the comfort and functionality of your space through noise reduction. However, investing in acoustic wall panels is only part of the equation. To get the most out of them, you also need to place them correctly. Why? Well, the more strategically they’re spaced and installed, the more you’ll hear the difference (pun intended!).

The first thing to consider when installing acoustic panels is minimizing reverberation. While symmetry is a priority for both aesthetic and performance purposes, you’ll also have other factors to consider, such as doors, windows, A/C vents, lights, exit signs, and other obstructions. If you have to break a symmetrical pattern, try to minimize it as much as possible. The good news is that our acoustic wall panels can be cut to accommodate all of the above!

Additionally, acoustic panels are more effective if they’re spread out. One general rule of thumb to improve acoustic efficiency? No two parallel walls should be left untouched!

Last but certainly not least, avoid placing acoustic panels too high within your space. Due to the way sound reflects back when it hits a hard surface, placing panels too high above the “sweet spot,” which is 3-7 feet above the finished floor, will result in diminished sound-absorbing performance. On the flip side, sound-absorbing panels placed too close to the ground may get dirty or damaged due to being touched and/or bumped into. So it’s best to follow this rule: For larger public spaces like lobbies and restaurants, acoustic panels should be located roughly around 3  to 7  feet above your finished floor and can continue to the ceiling deck or as close to that level as you can get it. This will keep them from getting dirty too quickly, and you’ll experience their full sound-absorbing effect.

Improve Your Environment with ecoustic® Felt Faced Panels

All acoustic products aren’t created equal. Our 40 color-ways of  Ecoustic® felt used to create the face of our acoustic panels offer several standout benefits that prove it!

Not only is this acoustic wall covering elegant and offered in a sophisticated selection of colors, but it’s also good for the planet. Produced from more than 80 percent recycled PET and easy to disassemble and recycle, Ecoustic® felt is low-VOC, non-toxic, and safe to handle. Plus, did we mention ecoustic® is also lightweight, user-friendly, and affordable? Combined with our felt panel cores, which also have the same properties as listed above, this product offers the highest return of sound absorbing performance per square foot cost. Making this product a no-brainer!

At Unika Vaev, we believe that quiet living and working environments shouldn’t be a luxury. Choosing the right decorative sound absorption wall panels and installing them mindfully can help create a peaceful and comfortable space.

To learn more about our acoustic wall products, including our  ecoustic® collection and Cradle to Cradle acoustic solutions, for workplaces, and other spaces, contact us today.