5 Ways to Update and Upgrade Your Home Office

Remember the days when you’d wish for it to snow so you could work from home? Or maybe you’ve faked a few sick days here and there so you don’t have to go into the office. Well, with the new working world we’re quite literally “working” with today, businesses and employees have permanently shifted to work-from-home models.

If working from home is your new reality, isn’t it time you stopped making do with a makeshift office and created a space truly worthy of your eight-or-more hours a day?

The good news? There are many ways to create an inviting and productive environment for working from home — starting with these five inspiring ideas for home office upgrades.

Modern Home Office

1. Know Your Needs — and Your Taste

If you’re like most people, your home office may be decorated with cast-off furniture and the most random accessories found throughout your home. While this may have sufficed when the situation was temporary, a permanent arrangement requires (and deserves!) more thought and detail.

Take a few minutes to consider must-have elements for an optimal working space — both functional and aesthetic. What sort of ambiance will help you be most productive? Do you prefer a more invigorating environment that will spur creativity, or are you more in need of a calming space for deep thought?

The more clearly you understand and articulate your vision for your space, the better you’ll be able to design and execute one that will meet your needs.

2. Declutter (and Destress)

If you haven’t used your home office much until now, it may have become a dumping ground for unwanted stuff from the rest of your home, or maybe it’s the space where your spin bike has become your new favorite clothing rack. On the other hand, if you’ve been working in the same home office for years, you may be surrounded by everything from unnecessary paperwork to outdated equipment.

One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is a thorough decluttering. Not only is a cleaner space better for your physical health because you’ll reduce your risk of asthma and allergies, but it’s also better for your mental and emotional health.

In fact, research indicates profound benefits associated with decluttering, including enhanced focus, higher self-esteem, better relationships, and improved lifestyle and overall well-being.

While decluttering can be difficult, it’s well worth the effort. Some simple tips to follow? Start small by organizing a single file cabinet or drawer, making a schedule to facilitate regular progress, and incorporating more storage so there’s a place for everything.

Ergonomic Home Office Chair

3. Have a Seat

Sitting for hours every day takes a serious toll on your body. If you’ve been getting by with a dining room chair or working from your couch (or bed!), you may be setting yourself up for many problems, including everything from back and shoulder pain to neck and wrist ailments.

Enter ergonomic office chairs, which are designed to keep your spine in optimal alignment. Because of their preventive potential, many orthopedic surgeons insist that investing in an ergonomic office chair should be a top priority if you work a desk job.

Have an old chair you aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to? Give it some new life with decorative textiles and fabrics. It will look like new again!

Noise Reducing Home Office Acoustical Setup

4. Acknowledge Acoustics

While appearance may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of setting up your home office, another element is equally important: sound. If you’ve ever tried to concentrate in a noisy setting, you know how counterproductive it can be. Factor in the distractions of working at home, and the need to reduce home office noise is oh-so-important.

When choosing home office acoustics, there are many options to consider — none of which require sacrificing form for function when you partner with Unika Vaev, a leading provider of decorative acoustics.

From sound-sensitive flooring to modern office ceiling design integrating a sound-absorbing element, the options are almost endless. A few of our favorite picks include our Fraster Felt Rug Collection, Madera Plank Collection in chic wood grain finishes, self-adhesive Design Studio Tile Collection, other easy-to-install acoustic tiles, and acoustic ceiling panels.

Working in a space with your significant other? It’s important to create your own area, so you don’t feel on top of each other. That’s where movable acoustical screens come in, delivering sound absorption  when and where you need it.

Made with innovative and sustainable sound-absorbing materials and available in many colorways and configurations, these noisy home office solutions are ideal for creating peaceful, comfortable, and attractive working and living spaces.

5. Go Green!

Just because your home office is for working doesn’t mean it shouldn’t include personal touches that make it feel like home. Beautiful furniture, an appealing color scheme, and eye-catching accessories are all vital to turning a boring space into an inviting one.

One such touch? Indoor plants. Incorporating more greenery into your home office has many benefits, including promoting cleaner air and a healthier environment. Plants are also known to reduce stress and boost comfort. And, of course, plants are beautiful to look at.

If you’re ready to take your home office from afterthought to amazing, these home office upgrades can help – and so can Unika Vaev!

To start creating a more productive and aesthetically pleasing home office space, find a Unika Vaev distributor near you.