Why Acoustic Lighting Matters in Design?

Unika Vaev’s acoustic lighting collection can easily transform any private residential space or public communal space to achieve the desired design intent.

When you are designing or redesigning any space, what are the first things that come to mind? Whether it’s the room’s layout, what colors you should paint the walls, and any furniture or décor pieces you want to add, there are many elements to cover. But did you consider how you’ll tie your lighting into the design?

You might be leaning towards a combination of simple wall mounted-lamps, desk lamps, and tabletop lamps, and then add in some additional free-standing lamps. Or, you could go the easy route and use traditional overhead ceiling fixtures, but those are not your only lighting choices. Your space deserves that extra special wow factor – and that’s where acoustic ceiling design ideas can transform your space.

Workplace Lighting Solutions

Whether it’s the kids’ squeaky sneakers reverberating off your walls, the office co-workers chit-chatting as they walk across the hall, or the many video and conference meetings that are taking place in today’s changing work landscape, unwanted noises can make it extremely difficult to concentrate. But what if we told you your lighting fixtures could improve ambient noise in your space…would you believe us? Well, today’s more modern lighting ideas, such as sound-absorbing light fixtures or acoustic lighting, can do just that! But how is that possible?

The concept of acoustic lighting combines two integral design elements — the lighting and the sound of the space. Acoustic lighting beautifully illuminates your space while simultaneously absorbing and reducing unwanted sound. So not only will your space become the tranquil oasis you’re dreaming of, but it will look the part, too!

Acoustic Lighting for Modern Sound Solutions

At Unika Vaev, we understand how important it is to have peaceful and productive spaces both in the home and office. That’s where acoustic lighting comes in. Adding acoustic lighting solutions to your home or office space can help absorb some sound. This is especially beneficial in high-traffic areas and any spaces with high ceilings. Open floor plans may look fantastic, but voices carry, and sounds travel farther and faster (1,100 ft per second!) when there are no walls to stop them.

However, your acoustic lighting solutions could be just the start of your sound-absorbing efforts. In fact, did you know your ceiling can also absorb sound? With products like lighted ceiling tiles and sound-absorbing acoustic baffles, there are many acoustic ceiling solutions designed to make your space work and function for you beautifully.

Our unique ceiling light ideas include:

  • Acoustic light fixtures. These fixtures are designed for any space and perform equally well when properly located in a space, regardless of the size. This can be a lone lamp suspended from the ceiling or an entire system of lights all clustered together. The choice is yours, and the effect is a stunningly serene space.
  • Light beams. Welcome tranquility into your space with this elegant sound-reducing baffle with an inset LED Light Beam. You can choose from an uplight or a downlight, or you can decide to combine the two.
  • Lighted ceiling tiles. These are designed to give concentrated illumination and focused lighting, allowing you to work in a well-lit environment while also reducing ambient noise.

What Rooms Can Benefit From Acoustic Lighting?

Many different rooms in your home, corporate office, or restaurant could benefit from the aesthetic appeal and sound reduction of acoustic lighting.

Think about it…where are the loudest areas in your home? Most likely, they are the rooms where people tend to gather the most often, such as:

  • The kitchen. This can be one of the noisiest spots in your home, especially if it’s eat-in.
  • The living room. You likely gather with family and friends in the living room, which generates noise. The sounds can travel easily throughout your home if you have an open floor plan.
  • The basement or rec room. A basement or recreation space can be very noisy, especially if you have teenagers who like to have their friends over to hang out.

When designing any commercial space (offices, restaurants, educational facilities) or hospitality spaces (hotels, restaurants, etc.) for maximum comfort and productivity, both light and noise reduction are essential in terms of energy, mood, desired creativity, peak performance, and the ability to maintain focused conversations, among people.

In any public space, the loudest areas are likely to be where people congregate, socialize, and work in larger numbers, such as:

  • Conference rooms. These are often large spaces where sound will easily echo.
  • Large office spaces that are divided into cubicles. These spaces are designed so that many people work independently but in a shared space, resulting in a lot of unwanted ambient sound.
  • Hallways. A well-traveled hallway will likely be noisy simply from so many different people walking through it.
  • Restaurants. Depending on the type of restaurant, people gather here to experience a certain type of mood – and the sound and noise within the space play an important part in creating that.
  • Public events spaces. When you think of conferences and seminars, there are often speakers and large gatherings. Creating a setting where it’s easy to hear others without an echo is essential in this type of space.
  • Hotel lobbies. The lobby in a hotel is notorious for being large, cold, and having somewhat of an echo – so it’s important to create a warm and welcoming space through sound-absorbing products as soon as your guests enter the building.

Start With the Ceiling

A ceiling is also one of the largest and often untapped spaces for creative expression. Think about it…when designing your space, you wouldn’t forget to ensure the floors are both functional and appealing, right? However, the design potential of a ceiling is often overlooked. Get started designing your ceiling and lighting today so you can experience a calmer, quieter, and more useful space you’ll love.