Modern Ceiling Ideas to Make Any Room POP!

When decorating your home or business, a few areas first come to mind: for example, the floors and walls. But do you ever think about how you can tie the ceiling into your room design?

Your ceiling is a blank canvas waiting to be shaped by your imagination, and at Unika Vaev, we have seen growth in the need for acoustic ceiling solutions and applications – and many creative ceiling ideas are available to fit a room of any layout.

Need some help getting in the creative mindset? These functional and beautiful solutions are guaranteed to take your space to the next level:

Acoustic Fins

Did you know you can reduce ambient noise in offices or any other type of room by adding products such as our acoustic fins? Available in several shapes (angle, rectangle, and curve), these fins were developed to absorb and dampen sound as part of the T-Grid Solutions Collection while adding a pleasing aesthetic. They are also easy to install and can be moved around if necessary. Constructed with the ecosystem in mind, all fin products are sustainable and can be recycled.

ecoustic® Ceiling Solutions

Acoustic solutions don’t have to be dull and boring! Give your space an extra special eye-catching touch with these unique ecoustic® ceiling options:

Ceiling Tile Lighting

The Spot Lighted Drop Ceiling Tile Collection uses focus lighting and floodlighting to create a dramatic solution for spaces like conference rooms. Lineal Lighting is another great option if you’re looking for something a bit more whimsical. Designed with LED lights inside the tile, if you want a decorative ceiling solution that will be the focal point of your room, this is your best bet. Either lighting option can add brightness, depth of color, and functionality to your design.

Coffered Ceiling Tile and ecoustic® Ceiling Baffles

Our Coffered Ceiling Tile Collection is designed to resemble the classical architectural gridded ceilings found in both modern estates and classic homes. Available in multiple colors and wood prints, this tile comes in different lengths to fit any style.

Want a more modern look? Adding something uniquely detailed like these ecoustic® Banner Baffles will give any ceiling its own personal flair. Our custom ceiling baffles can also add an elegant touch with their modern lines and multiple configuration options.

Modern Ceiling Designs with Unika Vaev

Finding a functional (and trendy) office or living room ceiling design doesn’t have to be boring or difficult. If you’re looking for insight and advice regarding your ceiling design, look no further than Unika Vaev. Whether you are designing for the office or your home, Unika Vaev has the materials to fit your needs. For more information, contact us today.