Airflake is made from molded polyester felt fiber that is formed into a variety of open or closed hexagonal shapes that are assembled together using small plastic clips. Airflake may be hung on a straight or a curved rail mounted to a ceiling or wall. There are 10 standard felt color choices. Abstracta’s Airflake is designed to provide visual separation and sound absorption. A larger Airflake XL option is also available.

Acoustic Accessory
100% Polyester Felt
Airflake- 15.7" (height) x 14.2" (width) x .6" (depth)Airflake XL- 27.5" (height) x 23.6" (width) x .6" (depth)
Sold In
Pack of 3 modules (one color per pack) / or pack of 10 modules (one color per pack)
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Additional Information

- Airflake modules hook into one another and are hung on a ceiling or wall-mounted straight rail, curved ceiling rail, or directly to a drop ceiling using special brackets. The three rail lengths available are 59", 78.75" or 188" that can be joined or cut on site. Curved rails are also available in 29.5", 59" or 78.75" radius.

- Accessories: Drop ceiling brackets to mount Airflake directly to a drop ceiling, wire kit to hang the rail a distance from the ceiling, and a roller - used together with clips to allow Airflake to roll along the rail.

To order samples, hover over the colorways and click the cart symbol to add to your cart, then click on My Samples at the top
To order samples, click the cart symbol to add to your cart, then click on My Samples at the top