Speculative Suites at 550 Bourke Street

Melbourne, Australia
Designer / Architect
Topic Interiors

The recently completed Speculative Suites at 550 Bourke Street example the reshaping of traditional commercial office space into contemporary design. Inspired by the evocative color and work of Claude Monet, this theme is explored within design details and lively palettes. An extensive array of our textiles, vinyls and acoustic tiles are featured throughout, paired into playful color combinations that elevate the working atmosphere.

Photographer: James Logan

Textiles: Atelier Lava, Dreamy, Runway Herringbone Style + Provenance textiles

Acoustics: Ecoustic® Ceiling Flats SC 12mm Olive acoustic ceiling tiles, Ecoustic® Baffle Banner SC 12mm Horizon acoustic baffles + Ecoustic® Matrix Sky acoustic wall tiles