ecoustic® Ceiling Flats | Acoustic Ceiling Tile

ecoustic® Ceiling Flats are highly functional decorative acoustic ceiling tiles available in a wide range of colors and sound-absorbing thicknesses, .47″, .53″, .94″, & .98″, designed to fit into new and existing grid systems. Available in two thicknesses of solid color core, or three thicknesses of felt-faced options.

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California 01350 Emissions Compliant, No Fire Retardant Additives, Cradle to Cradle Bronze certified, Low VOC, Oeko-Tex® Certified, Recycled Content, Prop 65 Compliant, mindful MATERIALS, Greentag Level A Certified, HPD, Declare CDPH Emissions Compliant
100% PET, 100% PET (up to 80% recycled content)
NRC Rating
0.85 - 0.95 depending on thickness
4' x 2' or 2' x 2' (nominal) to fit T-Frame suspended ceiling systems
Sold In
Quantities vary depending on style / size / thickness chosen
AS/ISO 9705 group 1
ASTM E84 Class A
Additional Information

– ecoustic® Ceiling Flats are produced with 100% PET or 100% PET (up to 80% recycled content) depending on the thickness requested. See specification pages for further details.
– ecoustic® Ceiling Flats are available in 4 thicknesses: .47”, .53”, .94”, & .98”
– ecoustic® Ceiling Flats are available in an array of color options depending on thickness selected.
– Simple and efficient installation process of assembled Flats.
– Flats can be installed easily into existing or new fit-outs.
– Installed Flats can be easily removed (for example to gain access to services).
– ecoustic® Ceiling Flats are designed to be compatible with 15mm and 24mm Exposed Tee grid systems. Ensure the tile is suitable for your selected system prior to ordering.
– Ceiling Flats are not suitable for back loading. Loads must be supported independently by the grid or through the use of additional fixtures.
– Please note that the .94″ Ceiling Flat profile achieves ASTM E84 Class C fire rating as opposed to Class A
– Cradle to Cradle certification applies only to the 0.47″ and 0.94″ Flats produced with Solid Core
PLEASE NOTE: It is the responsibility of site installation managers to confirm compatibility between the ceiling grid system specified and the dimensions of ecoustic® ceiling tiles prior to placement of purchase order. Custom sized ecoustic® ceiling tiles can be produced, however, conditions do apply. Please contact Unika Vaev customer service or your local sales representative for more information.


– NRC Ratings below per thickness:
.47” Tile- NRC 0.85 (8” air gap)
.53” Tile- NRC 0.85 (16” air gap)
.94” Tile- NRC 0.95 (8” air gap)
.98” Tile- NRC 0.90 (16” air gap)
– Quality sound absorption
– Lightweight and easy to handle/install

Green Star + LEED

– ecoustic® Ceiling Flats .53″ + .98″ are Greentag Level A Certified and can achieve maximum Green Star points
– ecoustic® Ceiling Flats .53″ + .98″: 80% post-consumer content contributes to LEED MR Credit 4 Recycled Content
– Please note that depending on the thickness selected, the content will vary slightly. .47″ thick Flats are 100% PET while the .53″ and .98″ Flats are 100% PET with greater than 80% recycled material.

To order samples, hover over the colorways and click the cart symbol to add to your cart, then click on My Samples at the top
To order samples, click the cart symbol to add to your cart, then click on My Samples at the top