Designing a Successful Workplace in 2022

While working from home has become a hot topic, the teamwork and inspiration that grows from an intelligently designed corporate office are irreplaceable. And now that we’re getting back into some of the more normal ways of life – like going back to the office – how are employers improving interior design to take working environments to the next level?

First things first…consider what’s trending in the commercial office design if you want your team to love coming into the office. Being a cut above the rest starts with the walls, ceilings, and floors around you, and incorporating modern office design trends can ignite a new age for your business.

Whether you’re interested in unique office design or professional office decor ideas, Unika Vaev believes the acoustic design of a workplace is imperative to the efficiency of its employees. That’s why our unique products and custom design services elevate the contemporary office space. For example, our acoustic collection provides absorptive, diffusive, and attenuative solutions for wall, ceiling, and floor applications without sacrificing style.

But what design trends can make your workplace stand out from others? Here are a few to keep in mind.

Corporate Office Design That Can Keep Up With You

When it comes to office design trends for 2022, it’s all about inspiration and focus. Consider the following inspiring office designs to keep you and your office fit for 2022:

Maintain a Calmer Sound Environment in Your Workplace

It can often be hard to stay focused in the distraction-filled world we live in. And there’s nothing that derails a meeting like a lunchtime conversation drifting in from the hallway. That’s why many smart businesses are turning to noise-absorbing privacy hubs and sound-absorbing conference rooms. Need a place to start? Acoustically designed panels like the ones in our ecoustic® panel collection can instantly take your office from noisy to peaceful. Best of all? Our modern, aesthetically pleasing noise-reducing pieces can seamlessly become part of your unique office design.

Light the Way

Lighting matters more than you realize when it comes to a successful office. The right lighting can be the difference between an afternoon slump and an exciting brainstorming session. No more blinding fluorescents or irritating blue light — warm lighting is all the rage this year. Fortunately, at Unika Vaev, lighting is no afterthought. That’s why we offer unique and innovative lighting designs that will ignite your team while ensuring that the acoustics are still top-notch.

Magic Carpets

Carpeting is an essential part of trendy corporate office decor and acoustically smart office space. Modern industrial office design is catching onto this, but many carpet products are cheaply made and lack acoustic design. The right carpet can add inspiring color to your corporate office while aiding in the sound-proof state of your cubicle or conference room. Products like the ones in our Fraster Felt Rug Collection are a fantastic place to start.


Contact Unika Vaev to Transform Your Space

Don’t underestimate the power of an intelligently designed office. At Unika Vaev, we are here to inspire and embolden your corporate office space in ways that make a real difference in the success of your company. Explore more unique office layout ideas or learn more about us from our website. Need more inspiration or a custom solution? Contact us today to get started!