Ecoustic Sculptwood

Sculptwood is an innovative, patented, and award-winning acoustic drop-in ceiling tile collection which which fits multiple drop-in ceiling grid profiles, featuring an elegant wood aesthetic. Sculptwood is available in 10 finishes, two sizes, and two designs: Stria and Cross.

Key Features

Instyle Studio
Low VOC, No Conflict Minerals, No Fire Retardant Additives, Prop 65 Compliant, PVC Free
NRC Rating
(with Ecoustic® Infill: 0.85)

Additional Features

Instyle Studio
100% MDF Composite
Low VOC, No Conflict Minerals, No Fire Retardant Additives, Prop 65 Compliant, PVC Free
  • Sculptwood is an innovative, acoustic drop-in ceiling tile with a wood finish, achieving NRC 0.85 (with Infill + 7.9″ airgap)
Additional Information
  • Sculptwood tiles are supplied flat-packed for efficient transportation and are simple and quick to assemble. The ceiling tiles are easy to install into suspended ceiling grids, and can be easily removed to gain access to building services.
  • Sculptwood drop-in ceiling tiles are designed to be compatible with 9/16″, 15/16″, and custom Exposed Tee suspended ceiling grid systems, with nominal 24″ x 24″, 48″ x 24″, and custom grid dimensions.
  • Sculptwood is low-VOC and designed for disassembly, with all components able to be fixed without the use of glues and adhesives.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Ecoustic® Infill is optional and sold separately
NRC Rating
(with Ecoustic® Infill: 0.85)
Tile Dimensions (nominal) 4' x 2' or 2' x 2' - Please see specification page for complete details
Sold In
4' x 2' Tile box sets of (4) or 2' x 2' Tile box sets of (8)
AS/ISO 9705, AS/NZS 3837, ASTM E84 Class A

Available Colors

Alp Ecoustic® Blade Ceiling Tiles
Alp Foil
Bluff Ecoustic® Blade Ceiling Tiles
Bluff Foil
Dome Ecoustic® Blade Ceiling Tiles
Dome Foil
Intrepid Ecoustic® Blade Ceiling Tiles
Intrepid Foil
Mesa Ecoustic® Blade Ceiling Tiles
Mesa Foil
Nevada Ecoustic® Blade Ceiling Tiles
Nevada Foil
Pike Ecoustic® Blade Ceiling Tiles
Pike Foil
Quest Ecoustic® Blade Ceiling Tiles
Quest Foil
Ramble Ecoustic® Blade Ceiling Tiles
Ramble Foil
Trek Ecoustic® Blade Ceiling Tiles
Trek Foil

Sculptwood Profiles

Cross - 24 Tile
Cross - 48 Tile
Stria - 24 Tile
Stria - 48 Tile

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