Victoria Government

Melbourne, Australia
Designer / Architect

This modern workplace for Major Transport Infrastructure Authority in a textural palette of fresh tones is functional, flexible and versatile. Our acoustic panels + tiles aid acoustics throughout the interior, with an extensive list of Instyle textiles featured on breakout and banquette seating.

Design Consultant: Innermode

Head Contractor: Shape

Acoustic: Ecoustic® Ceiling Flats Sky, Ecoustic Sculpt® Network Shallow Snowdrop .47″, Ecoustic Sculpt® Icon Snowdrop .47″, and Ecoustic® Matrix Ceiling Tile Sky acoustic ceiling tiles

Instyle Textiles + Vinyls Used: Luxe in Mars, Rye, Earthenware, Pumice, + Jade. Buzz in You, Intercom, + Bee.

Photographer: Shape