2023 – A Year in Resonance

Step into the world of innovation and harmony as we proudly reminisce on the crescendo of our achievements in acoustic design! From sleek sound absorbing products and solutions to state-of-the-art acoustic panels, and unique partnerships, explore the array of acoustic products that have redefined audio excellence in 2023 at Unika Vaev.

collage of 3 images featuring sound absorbing treatments in wall and ceiling applications

Acoustic Product Collection By UV Design Studio

Unika Vaev most recently unveiled three groundbreaking products which redefine the world of acoustic design. With a commitment to elevating aesthetics and enhancing acoustic performance, these new offerings—Light Blade, Louver Tile, and Radius Panel—are poised to transform the way we experience sound in our living and working spaces. Each product is available exclusively with Unika Vaev’s large range of Wilsonart® printed patterns, more on Wilsonart® below.

collage of an acoustic light and sound absorbing artwork

Acoustic Product Collection By Abstracta

In August, Unika Vaev partnered with acoustic pioneers, Abstracta to create two innovative products that not only elevate the aesthetic of spaces but also enhance their acoustic quality. Moon, a globe-shaped acoustic lamp designed by Thomas Berstrand provides high quality directed lighting with exceptional sound-absorption. Abstracta X Wall of Art weaves a tapestry of harmonious soundscapes by seamlessly blending sound absorption with captivating art, infusing spaces with distinctive personality and character through the vibrant works of exciting artists.

collage of four sound absorbing acoustic treatments for the ceiling and wall

Acoustic Products in Collaboration With Instyle

In another significant August milestone, Unika Vaev showcased four cutting-edge acoustic solutions in collaboration with Instyle, introducing Ecoustic® Sculpt® Angle, Ecoustic® Quad, Ecoustic® Coffered Direct Fix Tile, and Ecoustic® Sculpt® Coffered Tile, reshaping the landscape of both acoustics and design.

collage of three images featuring sound absorbing wall cladding systems

Unika Vaev Introduces Pinnacle

Drawing inspiration from a double-sided, angular construct, the Pinnacle Modular Acoustic System transforms the dynamics of space, reshaping our perception with every movement. Infusing spaces with an enchanting sense of surprise, it not only captivates but also ensures outstanding acoustic performance. Pinnacle is offered exclusively as a digitally printed product utilizing a vast curated selection of Wilsonart® Patterns to further expand the design possibilities. You may also provide your own custom design option like color, pattern, photograph, or logo graphics — to achieve exactly the look you’re after.

collage of six unique Wilsonart printed patterns

Exclusive Collaboration with Wilsonart®

In a pioneering collaboration, Unika Vaev partnered with Wilsonart®, a leader in engineered surfaces, to craft acoustic solutions that seamlessly blend functionality, visual allure, and customization. This inventive alliance empowers customers to elevate their acoustic products by incorporating captivating digitally printed patterns from Wilsonart’s globally acclaimed design library. Browse through the nearly 200 available Wilsonart® Printed Patterns.

collage of 3 images featuring sound absorbing treatments in wall and ceiling applications

Winter Acoustic Product Collection in Collaboration with Instyle

Demonstrating Unika Vaev’s dedication to providing a diverse array of aesthetically pleasing solutions for various applications, this collection of decorative acoustic products encompasses five wood-finished options tailored for ceilings and walls, along with a sleek low-profile panel specifically designed for ceiling use. In essence, it underscores the brand’s commitment to offering versatility in acoustic design. From left to right, top to bottom; Ecoustic® Blade Ceiling Tile, Ecoustic® Blade Panels, Ecoustic® Sculptwood, Ecoustic® Soffit, Ecoustic® Timbre Point Panels, Ecoustic® Ceiling Flats Timbre Point.