Creative Design Trends for Commercial Interiors in 2023

The look and feel of your space have more of an effect on people than you might think. Did you know they directly impact the impression your business makes on customers, clients, guests, and other visitors? Think about it…when you walk into a doctor’s office, do you want the walls to be dark and dreary? Instead, it should feel calm and inviting, especially since it’s a bit of a stressful situation to be in and not everyone’s favorite place to go. That’s where selecting the right interior solutions can come into play.

If you think it’s time to redo (or just add a little something to) your office, retail space, restaurant, hotel, or other commercial interior in 2023, we’ve put together some inspo and the best 2023 creative design trends.

Open Commercial Office Layout Design Trends

1. Open up

We know open layouts aren’t exactly new. Since the dawn of mankind, people have gathered in large and small public spaces and have always had to deal with sound issues. When it comes to the open-office concept especially, it’s been the norm for decades. However, the benefits of open-concept spaces beyond just offices continue to be at the top of interior designers’ wishlists. In fact, have you ever found yourself cooped up on a perfect day, just wanting to get out for a cocktail or cup of coffee at your favorite local spot? The restaurant industry has taken the love of open-concept dining and brought it to places that at one time didn’t have the space for it. From knocking down walls and creating more space inside to transforming outdoor areas into the perfect eating oasis, open spaces are all around us (even if you might not realize it)!

While there are benefits to open layouts, like the low cost of flexibility, there are also some not-so-fun challenges with privacy and noise. In addition to Unika Vaev’s acoustic solutions, like our hanging screens and floor and desk screens for space division, our wide range of wall and ceiling sound-absorbing product solutions can be used to reduce unwanted noise even without those pesky space division requirements. They can be used to add privacy when necessary and are also invaluable sound-absorption tools.

Not sure where exactly you want to put your acoustic solutions to get the best benefit in your space? Our team at Unika Vaev is happy to help you customize the perfect product for your brand, so it works in your restaurant, office, lobby, or other space.

2. Go green

Eco-friendly design trends remain an ongoing priority in residential and commercial design. In fact, a lot of retail spaces and restaurants are created from warehouses or historical buildings, so they already offer the opportunity to reuse and recycle. Not so convinced you can liven up a cold, concrete commercial area into the everyone-wants-to-come-here arcade or shopping center? Here’s a look at some of the best design ideas that incorporate sustainability:

  • Using modular and multi-use furniture creates flexible environments that change with your needs.
  • Incorporating more insulation into your space.
  • Adding more greenery through the addition of indoor plants.
  • Upgrading kitchens and bathrooms with energy-efficient, water-saving devices.
  • Conducting an energy audit.
  • Incorporating already existing elements of the building, like brick walls, into your design.
  • Find an eco-friendly material supplier that can offer green options like baffles, panels, and more.

Sustainability is another area where Unika Vaev’s products outshine the rest. We are oh-so diligent in using renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable materials, as well as sustainable manufacturing processes. We also offer an extensive line of acoustic solutions that are Cradle to Cradle – Bronze Level certified, including all of our ecoustic® Solid Core Felt Panels.

In fact, did you know most of our products also have low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) certification and the Declare Label? It’s true!  Plus, lighting can even be eco-friendly (yes, you read that right!). Our Holly lighting, for example, is made from 100% recycled fabric that has been transformed into Soundfelt REC material. What’s even cooler about this lighting is that it also absorbs sound. So you’ll not only use less material and fewer fixtures but will be using products that are more environmentally friendly.

Plus, all of our products are designed with longevity in mind (pretty cool, right?).

Creative restaurant interior design

3. Consider color

Color has a powerful impact on the ambiance of any environment. Not only do the colors you choose set the tone for any interior, but they also influence how everyone, from employees to visitors, feel — both when they’re in the space and toward your brand as a whole.

For example, do you have a restaurant and want the perfect balance between classic and contemporary styles in your interior design? A little color can do the trick! Velvet drapery in a dark green can add the perfect moody, sultry feel you’re looking for.

Another example? If you want to make your break room, kitchen, or restaurant your not-so-average eating area, adding a bright color can make it everyone’s favorite gathering space. For a sophisticated yet luxurious look, add some velvet seating in a turquoise blue shade. This will not only make your space feel lux and lavish but will also emit a calm and tranquil mood for everyone who enters. Or, for a more bespoke look, take advantage of customization options from designers and create one-of-a-kind furniture and custom-printed wall panels that no one else has. And let’s not forget about rugs! They may not be the latest and greatest creation, but they come in different colors, materials, and patterns to give any space the little pop of color it needs.

And we aren’t just singling out ways to spice up your walls and panels when we’re talking about color (although both are important). Color also earns a top spot among ceiling design trends in office design for 2023.

Casanova//McCann Lobby Design

4. Lux up your lobby

Lobbies were once where people primarily passed through or passed the time. However, they’re more than just your average waiting area in the changing mobile work world — from workspaces to meeting places. They’re now the “beating hearts” of many commercial spaces.

In fact, the melding of hospitality and workspaces is so prevalent among modern design trends that it’s even earned its own name in the design world: “corporatality.”

In this new era, basic waiting room furniture is no longer enough when it comes to lobby hotel design and other commercial lobbies. People now expect high-speed Wi-Fi, meeting tables, lounge furniture, and good design — whether it be art deco, industrial, midcentury, or another alluring style.

Want to see this design trend in action? Check out these exciting projects utilizing Unika Vaev acoustic panels and other custom sound-reducing design elements. From bright, velvet couches and chairs with different tones and textures to digitally printed wall panels, if you can dream it, we can design it.

One last thing to keep in mind? While trends come and go, good design endures. For acoustic solutions that embody good design through the fusion of form and function, discover Unika Vaev today.