Unika Vaev’s ecoustic® e3 self-sticking hexagon tiles tease your geometric temptations. Each hexagon tile is sectioned into three parallelograms that are .53” thick and which may be applied on almost any wall substrate (NRC - .50). ecoustic® e3 kits are available in a choice of three sizes and 22 color-ways to provide an endless array of design solutions.
Let M.C. Escher be your guide!

*Please note that samples for the e3 Tile are 0.53" panel chips for thickness and color only.


Ceiling, Vertical Surfaces


50% Virgin Polyester, 50% Post Consumer Polyester

NRC Rating

NRC 0.50


Small- Parallelograms- 8.75" x 7.5" x .53", Hexagon formed- 17.5" x 15.15" x .53"
Medium- Parallelograms- 17.5" x 15.15" x .53", Hexagon formed- 35" x 30.5" x .53"
Large- Parallelograms- 26.25" x 22.73" x .53", Hexagon formed- 52.5" x 45.45" x .53"

Sold In

Small- box sets of 15 total parallelograms / Medium- box sets of 6 total parallelograms / Large- box sets of 6 total parallelograms


ASTM E84 Class A

Green Star + LEED

- ecoustic® e3 Tile is Greentag Level A Certified and can achieve maximum Green star points.
- 50% post consumer content contributes to LEED MR Credit 4 Recycled Content.

Additional Information

Designed for the environment: ecoustic® e3 Tile is made from over 50% recycled Pet. Easy to disassemble and separate into the appropriate recycling systems, ecoustic® e3 Tile can be recycled.

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/10 Yellow

/19 Cameo

/35 Cobalt

/39 Sky

/40 Indigo

/52 Orange

/54 Red

/63 Spray

/64 Caper

/65 Fresco

/66 Lime

/67 Green

/79 Charcoal

/80 Jet

/81 Light Grey

/89 Oatmeal

/90 Taupe

/91 Pewter

/93 Opal

/94 Cream

/95 Natural

/96 White


e3 Tile Installation at Hollander Design Group